Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kungfu Jungle 一个人的武林

Kungfu Jungle 一个人的武林
Gala Premiere with Clover Films once again!

Like the title, it's a movie full of Kungfu.
Hong Kong movie scene has always been famous for the Kungfu/Martial Arts moves and movies.
People know Sammo Hung, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan,
and Donnie Yen.

The casts of Kungfu Jungle are full of the martial arts experts and stunt coordinators well known in the scene.
Playing tribute to Kungfu/Martial Arts we are familiar with on screen.

Sitting with Sochii, I can say that the boyfriends are more excited than we are.
Thus, we decided the boyfriends could make a better review than us!

The boyfriend says,

First off, I'm not someone who enjoys Hong Kong movies although I do enjoy a little fighting Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan style every once in awhile although they are never at the top of my priority list and I honestly thought this was going to be another generic Kung Fu movie so I didn't go with very high expectations.  

Boy was wrong, my expectations were totally blown away by this movie especially with a myriad of fighting styles which I never knew existed in Chinese Kungfu.
 What's more spectacular is when every single style is combined into a single martial artist, Donnie Yen in this case.  

Every style was portrayed beautifully with beautiful elegance and intricacy in every move made by the various martial artists that were featured in the film and this really blew me away because most Kung Fu movies that I've watched(which really only amounts to a handful) only really depict one particular style but this is... well everything really(given the fact that I really don't know much about martial arts).  

Another thing that caught my attention was the idea of using loss or the fear of loss to fuel one's anger, passion and desire to fight which I believe almost everyone can relate too. 

After all, human nature works in a way that we would do anything humanly possible to prevent ourselves from losing something or someone we truly love and this was depicted perfectly in the movie from both the villian and the main protagonist as well. 
Coupled with the idea that Kung Fu was an art made for killing and is not mere child's play really does incite some thought on how almost anything can be used for a greater good or evil dependent on the wielder.  
So yeah, basically that's it :)

See this is how much they love the movie they decided to kiss Donnie Yen on the poster.

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