Sunday, October 5, 2014

痞子英雄2:黎明再起 - Black & White:The Dawn of Justice Gala Premiere

Attended [痞子英雄2:黎明再起 - Black & White:The Dawn of Justice] Gala Premiere last Wednesday, all thanks to CloverFilms SG for the invitation!

The sequel to [痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰 Black & White : The Dawn of Assault]
and the prequel to the drama series  [痞子英雄 Black & White]
Mark Chao 趙又廷 is back as 吳英雄 Wu Ying Xiong,
this time with newly added cast, Lin Geng Xin 林更新 from China.

Black & White:The Dawn of Justice is a Taiwan/China action thriller movie with lots of international casts and crews.

I was really lucky that before the screening I got to take a photo with both the director and Mark Chao with 4 other lucky bloggers!
Thank you Clover Films for the opportunity!

Spending 16 million RMB constructing special effect studio in Kao Shiung,
Black & White consist of casts and crews that are international.

Look out for the actions in the movie as both the
Stunt Coordinator &
Action Directing 
are Hollywood crews!!

They worked on Fast & Furious, Prison Break, (just naming a few)
So, you can expect what kind of actions you can see in the movie!

The two main lead this time are Mark Chao, and bringing in
Lin Geng Xin.

People who will be more familiar with him as 14 Ye in Scarlet Heart.

With a High EQ detective who is always analyzing and one who always working to his intuitions instead,
it's a pair of partners that give the movie a different type of feeling.

With Hollywood casts and crews, Black and White is full of actions and stunt moves that will amaze you.
Even the camera angles and directions are so nicely directed, making the action scenes more exciting that before!

Signing off with the photos taken together with the other bloggers!

Here with Flora of
It's nice meeting you!!

Mint and Colin!

With William

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