Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Doodles and drawing.

(Photos uploaded are mainly found on Instagram and Pinterest)

Recently I picked up the pen and start doodling again.

It all started when I was buying stuffs on Amazon and consolidate orders with my friends to hit the minimum order for free shipping.
A friend of mine bought this book on Zentangle.


Zentangle is an abstract art, where you use repetitive patterns and drawings.
It's like doodling with your imagination, filling spaces up or creating negative spaces.


I got attracted to it as I always love to doodle and like line art.
I am never good at life drawing or portraits.
I can draw you cutesy stuffs but never good with sketching and shading.

I been looking online, browsing through Pinterest and scrolling through Instagram.
There I found tutorials and guides to different patterns and doodles.


I started drawing again, excitement fills me.
It's been awhile since I longed to pick up the pen and start doodling non stop.
I am always stuck with themes and ideas so I decided to draw for my friends instead.
Firstly, to give me an idea to draw.
A reason to draw more plus,
Giving my work to a friend make it more meaningful, to me at least.
Plus, what can I do with all my endless drawings, I got no where to keep them all... At least not now.
Am glad that my friends appreciate what I drawn for them and my mum is asking for a piece so she can hang it in the living room.


I am still looking online and around for inspirations and references but this gives me more ideas and more stuffs to play around with.

Here are some of mine :

I really love the negative space words piece.
Friends are loving it too and I'm getting some request for them too
Maybe I should start doing commission pieces. Haha
I'm not that good or awesome but it will be great to earn some little pocket money for cakes. 

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