Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clover Films SG blogger event!!

It's been awhile since I had attend any events, thanks Kevin from Clover Films SG for inviting me down for the blogger event!

Over the weekend I attended Clover Films SG blogger event held at Fullerton Hotel.

Established in 2009, Clover Films distributes and produce Asian movies, emphasizing on Singapore and our neighbor's Malaysia markets.
Some of the movies Clover Films had distributed are :
The Viral Factor, CZ12, The Fierce Wife : Final Episode, and many more.

They even co-produced some local movies like Jack Neo's Ah Boys to Men I & II

It's nice to have more and more Asian movies choices in our local cinemas.
As a VFX artist, I love movies.
Personally, I really love watching movies from Hong Kong, especially the action ones.
In recent years, there are also lots of good movies coming from Taiwan and Korea too, not forgetting Japan.
Thinking back into my Secondary school days or early Poly days, before 2010,

there are actually lots of nice Taiwan, Japan and Korean movies that I actually looked forward to watching them yet was disappointed to find out that they won't be shown in Singapore.
All I can do is to wait for DVD release and get them off shelves.
I guess those are one of the reasons why people started streaming online or ended downloading them off the net instead.

It's really nice to have Clover Films around, bringing us more Asian movies selections!

Kevin shown us some of the movie releases for the next few months during the event presentation!

Co-producing in the two movies, locals can look out for 2 upcoming locals movies starting next year!


Collaborating between local and Hong Kong artistes, "King of Mahjong" has lots of big casts in it!

Jeseeca Liu acting as the grieving mum seeking to bring back her dead son in the horror movie
"Bring Back the Dead"
I seriously freak myself out watching the trailer ><

There are also lots of upcoming Asian movies that Clover Film brought in too!

(from Left to Right
1st row :
THAI - The Eyes Diary , HONG KONG - Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2, CHINESE -  Black & White : The Dawn of Justice
2nd row:
TAIWAN : My Geeky Nerdy Buddies, KOREA : Haemoo, CHINESE : Kungfu Jungle
3rd row:
The Golden Era)

Here are my personal 3 picks out of the 7 movies.

Personally speaking, other than story plot, director, even vfx choices are what lead me to be attracted to the movies, and of course, the selected casts.

Black & White : The Dawn of Justice

Releasing on 9th Oct 2014, this is the sequel to the action movie Black & White.
Do you know they had renowned action choreographer from Hollywood to be the action director in this movie?
Jack Gill has contributed to lots of Hollywood movies and among them are Fast and Furious 5. 
The visual effects house for the movie is BUF from France, who did CGI for movies like Thor, Avatar and even The Dark Knight.
I really can't wait to watch how the vfx gonna be in the movie!

Mark Chao back with his role with Lin Gengxin,
I am excited to see Lin Gengxin in his new works, started to notice him from 步步惊心 as 14爷.
One of my favourite casts in the TV series indeed.


Based on true events, "Haemoo" is the story of a group of fisherman who are driven into madness when their attempt to smuggle illegal migrants ends in a horrible tragedy.

Heh the trailer seems exciting, and the cast really attracted me.
See the younger actor in the poster?
That's JYJ's Park Yoo-Chun!!!!

I am always interested in movies that are based on true stories/events.
The excitement and anticipation to the story plots never fail to attract me.

Haemoo was also selected as the Korea entry for the 87th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film.

The Golden Era

A 3 hours art film, directed by Ann Hui.
It was already shown in numerous film festivals internationally.

With A grade actor and actress like
Tang Wei and Feng Shao Feng acting in the film, The Golden Era is a must catch.

It might be 3 hours long, but The Golden Era catches my eyes, 
other than the fact that Feng Shao Feng is acting in it.

For dramas lovers out there, Feng Shao Feng is Lan Ling Wang. 
The chinese drama that is starring Ariel Lin too. 

Ann Hui's movies are best known for her controversial Hong Kong movies. 

Talking about 2 important writers in the 20th century China, it's a movie filled with competitive friendship, emotions and love.

It's not easy to find film festival Asian movie in Singapore and even if there is the screenings are always so limited! 
Clover Films is bringing this in to share the good stuffs. 
To be shown in so many international film festivals, it is definitely going to be awesome. 

I can't wait for all the movies to be out in the cinemas!!!!

Before I end this post, here are some photos with the other bloggers.
It's really nice to catch up with some of them :)


Thanks Kevin from Clover Films!

Group photo credits to HP and Derrick See

Thank you Clover Films for the invitations once again!

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