Monday, June 2, 2014


Heh people out there!!!

I am back!!!! I am not back full time, but once a while here and there!!
There are still a lot of things I wanna share with everyone and logging down the memories I made throughout my life. 

I have give my blog a rest for a few months, and I did miss it a lot a lot just that I have to set my priorities straight. 
Work and life come before my blog. 

I am not leaving and am slowly updating my blog!
There's a post pending to be publish tomorrow so check it out alright?

I stopped going for events or accept any reviews for now, since I can't commit plus,
I do not want to just rush the posts out just to hit datelines and can't write a sincere and better post because of that.
Other than events and reviews, I am sure there are much more stuff to be written right?

There are a few stuffs I will definitely write these few days so please be patience with me and wait for them alright?

A lot had happened to me and I travelled some places here and there too!
I was hospitalized for a few days too and the feeling sucks, though because of it I get to see some of my dear friends whom I haven't been seeing for awhile and realise who are my true friends out there too.

Attended a few weddings too and perhaps might write a combination post for them!!

Changed my header and my sidebar photos from my recent trip and Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore.
Somewhat found the old one really childish and over-designed :(

Here are some posts that I will come out with!!!!

- my JAPAN trip in 2013.10
- weddings attended, bridesmaid or not. 
- 1st Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore
- BORACAY trip 2014.05
- work updates with PARTY 
- last year PARTYS, birthdays & xmas. (even though its late overdue they are too awesome not to be shared)
- gym and health related
- recipes?
- DIYs, I started DIY-ing again!
- trips & excursions that I personally been to and not invited events. 

I am still active on Twitter and Instagram too :D
So you can always find me there^^



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    loving ur hair. xxxxx
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    1. Thank you so much <3 !!!! Will check out ur blog tooooo :D