Tuesday, June 3, 2014


One week plus back, I attended the inaugural 

Harajuku Fashion Walk - Singapore version!

credits to Boris.秋村 Photography

Like what it's called
the Harajuku Fashion Walk originated from Japan, Harajuku.
People dressed up in different street style and sub-cultural fashions along the streets of Harajuku.
(been there, seen them, too awesome)

It started out by Sebastian Masuda (who is the founder of 6%DOKIDOKI) as a street party but since then the participants ("Harajuku kids") continued and turned it into a bi-monthly event!
Initially a 100% Japanese event, foreigners start joining the walk in Japan, and now we have one here in SINGAPORE!!!!

I always liked the sub-cultural fashion; lolita, punk, gothic etc.
Different in cultural (and weather), I always find it hard to wear and own those here, in Singapore.
I am not used to getting stare at everywhere I go if I am dress in those.

I once owned a few gothic or punk clothing but I am just left with a waloli and meido costume!

I am so glad that someone organised this walk in Singapore, for a chance to wear them again plus,
let me have my dream of at least wearing the different type & categories of lolita.
Making sure that I really need to go design and get my qi-loli out, which is another story though.

You can join the local facebook page here

Back to the walk!!!
I attended the walk with a few of the bloggers girls,
It's so much fun hanging out with them especially when we had the same common interest!
The group is getting bigger and hope everyone can join the next time!!!

First, and #ootd Outfit of the Day, or should I say
Outfit of the Walk.
Thank you Mirai so much for the pannier, it makes the entire outlook even cuter <3

I didn't expect the shirt to go well with the dress !!!! 

credits to Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore

Here's the route of the walk.
We met at 4pm at the Merlion Park and proceed towards down all the way to ION. 
There are a few resting points and group photos point! 

Now prepare for the load of photos! 

Photo credits to Miyo!!! 

credits to Alex Ho

credits to Alex Ho

credits to Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore
credits to Alex Ho
credits to Raymond Tan

credits to Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore
credits to Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore
credits to Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore

credits to Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore

A last photo with Noriaki-san who is the organizer of the entire walk!!


If you are ever wondering whether it's hot to walk in that outfit, it is,
but it's all worth it for the fun I made with my friends and enjoy dressing up!!

The next Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore will be on
21st June 2014

You can check out their event here

facebook page:

2nd Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore event page:

I might not be able to make it for the 2nd walk due to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert but I will definitely be there for the 3rd walk in August!! 
(the walks will be bi-monthly from the 3rd walk onwards :D)

Can't wait to see all the pretty awesome fashion out there!!!! 

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