Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pretty nails with Blinking Style


I always love painting my nails and having manicure/pedicure session so I can't exclaim how happy I was to be able to get my nails done thanks to 
BLINKING STYLE and StreetDirectory!

Blinking Style is located at One-North (circle line).

Blinking Style 
Fusionopolis (Connexis Tower)
#B1-21, 1 Fusionopolis Way 
+65 6463 9195

 Fusionopolis is really convenient as the exit for One North Mrt just lies at the basement of the building!
I worked there so it's really convenient for me!

Though the shop might be a little small but it's really cozy!
The two petite manicurists there are friendly too.

I liked how the layout are done, plus the comfy sofa for you to sit in!

They have a huge range of nail polishes and gelish for you to choose!

The price range from (after discounts)
$10.40 - $12 for Express Manicure/Pedicure
$22.40 - $30.40 for Classic Manicure/Pedicure
$54.40 - $62.40 for Gelish Manicure/Pedicure

There are also add-on services from 
Nail Repair to Callus Remove to Quick Dry and so on.

They also have packages that you can choose from and you will save at least 10% from it!
Isn't it more worthy?

The designs are really cute too! 
Different designs are available for a different price, so let your manicurist knows what you like!

I really like pastel colors so I chose a simple but cute design instead!

My nails were nicely taken care of. 
Nails were buffed and shaped, cuticles removed, polish patiently applied on. 

The chair was so comfy that I almost dozed off!!

I chose Gelish as it tends to be more lasting as compared to normal nail polish!
Though it takes a longer time to process as UV lamp is needed to dry the polish. 

Look who I spotted at the place too!!!
It's Eileen!!!

Here's the end results of my nail~ 
I really, really like the end product of my nails!!! 
It's so pretttyyyyyy!!!!
She even added additional blings for me! I love blings!

With my manicurist!! 

Head down to Blinking Style now :)

Blinking Style 
Fusionopolis (Connexis Tower)
#B1-21, 1 Fusionopolis Way 
+65 6463 9195

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