Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jingle Bells with LollyTalk


Christmas is coming up this month and have you started buying presents for gift exchange?
I am still wrecking my brain out but here's an idea if you are still thinking like me!

LollyTalk released a series of Christmas collections and it's really adorable!!! 

LollyTalk68 Orchard Road,
Plaza Singapore B2-20

I have been supporting LollyTalk for awhile and the prices of their candies are really affordable.
PLUS! The designs are really cute!

Just look at them!!
You get Christmas trees, snowman, rudolph
and my personal favourite!!

The santa claus!! With a head and a body, on it's own. 
The two designs added up to make a complete Santa, ain't that brilliant? 

Not only they are adorable,
the Christmas collection are up in special labelled bottles,
making them the perfect little gifts for Christmas!

The prices are shown as below :
30g glass bottles S$2.90
40g glass bottles S$3.70
70g glass bottles S$5.30
130g glass bottles S$8.90
70g ziplock bags S$4.90

What's more?
LollyTalk has a special promotion now!
Ending on 4th Dec 2013, 
FREE Acquired Taste Collection to be given out when you purchase 
the LollyTalk's Christmas Mix. 

Remember my post on the special acquired taste collection? yepyep!

10 bottles of 30g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 20g trial pack* (Worth S$2.50)

10 bottles of 40g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 50g glass bottle* (Worth S$4.90)

10 bottles of 70g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 20g trial pack + Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 50g glass bottle* (Worth S$7.40)

10 bottles of 130g: Free 2 Acquired Taste Collection 50g bottle* (S$9.80)

*Free Acquired Taste Collection (out of the seven) will be given randomly based on availability, while stocks last. Promotion will ends on 4th Dec 2013 (strictly no more extension). Make full use of this last chance to grab your early bird freebies before the promotion ends. Purchase now with the freebies and collect nearer to Christmas to ensure stocks availability!!!

Not only the bottles are specially labelled, 
you can also purchase an extra little card along with them, 
adding a extra blessings to your gift!

So why wait now?
Head down to LollyTalk @ Plaza Singapura and get yourself some
HAND MADE CANDIES for you loved ones and friends!

I am gonna grab some for my dearest friend as Christmas presents, 
so should you!!

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