Friday, December 27, 2013

Itoh Collagen Powder


Everyone need collagen,
and as we grow older our collagen level decreases. 
Thus, we need to take in extra collagen for it to be sufficient enough to keep our skin radiant and elastic. 

With ITOH COLLAGEN POWDER, you can do so!

Each sachet contains 3000mg worth of collagen
Approved by FAO & WHO, you can take 1 to 3 sachets each day!

Endorsed by Kevin lao shi (teacher),
*you will definitely know who he is if you are a big fan of taiwan beauty shows*
Itoh Collagen Powder is a low molecular powder thus increasing the absorption by the body.

It's not only 

totally suitable for everyone of all age!

The powder collage are dissolvable to any drinks or even soup.
It can be taken throughout the day but encourage to take it on an empty stomach,
or before sleeping.

I always like to drink a cup of green tea after eating before sleeping to help with digestion, 
so I added a sachet of Itoh Collagen Powder along with it!

I really can't taste any different even with the added collagen!
It's just like my normal green tea, but WITH COLLAGEN!

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and get your box of Itoh Collagen Powder @ $49.90 each

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  1. Green drinks also acts as a gentle detox to the system, so when you start taking one, use under 1 teaspoon per serving! Work up the minerals gradually.