Thursday, November 28, 2013

post AFA 2013

AFA this year was a different experience for me.

Initially I thought I wouldn't be able to make it or I should just stay at home and forget it.
Which is till I saw Joyce's tweet.

We went for the last day on Sunday and I was expecting huge crowds, but it was okay.
There weren't any queues for the ticketing so we got in really fast.

I am glad AFA was back at Suntec this year.
For one who stay in the west, EXPO is really too far to travel.
I don't like sitting on the train for one hour and enduring it again on the trip back,
which I will expect myself buying this and that.

Plus, the air condition is really great at AFA, haha.

AFA to me is all about looking and going crazy at merchandises from my favorite anime series.
Looking at certain anime experience zones and meeting friends whom I haven't met for ages.

I didn't really check out the cosplayers this year, but you can easily tell from the crowd that's there lots cosplaying Shingeki no Kyojin, which wasn't surprising at all.

(sochii's friend Stella's hand, trying out the nail polish designs)

It was more like a chill and relax, hangout with a friend for me.
I just wanted to spend time checking out stuffs and not focus on photos that much.
Didn't bring my camera along so everything was just taken with my iPhone. 

We easily spot the huge kyojin head right smack in the middle of the event hall. 
Snapped photos quickly since not many were walking past.
It's kinda cute ya? 

I always walked pass the maid and butler cafes, namely Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier Royale, and never enter them?
The never ending long queues are such a turn off and my friends were never interested in entering.
They merged both together this time and the queue is way faster.
For the very first time, I went.

It's $29 for a set of Katsu curry from Monster Curry & a can of Nescafé drink.
(Ps. Monster Curry backlog review coming up soon)
Or $19 for the dessert.
The price range was kinda expected, somehow? 

We had fun playing with my pokabu (Tepig) keychain I got back from Japan.

I like the interactions between the butlers and the customers. 
They do walk around and chit chat with us, and it makes us as customer feel welcomed?
The meidos didn't walked as much but they still greet every other customers with a great smile. 

With the butler Hiroshi, aka Hellven.

 With Rina the pretty maid, and a fellow friend/ice skater/ex Japanese classmate of mine. 

Got myself a cheki (Polaroid) for souvenir keepsake?
I actually don't know who to choose, so I ended up with a fellow Pokemon trainer, hellven.

A fan drew the manga version of the butlers and the crew were using it as a "cheki menu" 
Isn't it cute!!! 

We kinda hang around till 5pm since Kaname sama was having a photo session just right outside the cafe.
I finally got to see the legendary Kaname sama in real. *laughs*
Didn't manage to take a clear photo and this is the best I managed to take of. :( 

We strolled around and went to find the 
LOVE LIVE! School Idol Project experience zone.
Was really happy to find out that Joyce watched the anime too. Hehe.

We each got ourself a file there~

We stroll around really randomly, trying out stuffs here and there.
A lot of those bigger merchandise stores are closed by mid day. 
Kinda sad but heh! My wallet will be happier haha.

We just walked around and trying to finish covering the entire hall,
While looking out for the Baby Metal tee that I want to buy.
Was really sad that I forgot and missed out Psycho Pass experience zone.

The Hello Japan mascot. Adorable!!!!

Saw a few friends here and there! 
Am glad that events like these allow me to meet people whom I haven't seen for awhile! It's like a reunion.

(From left to right:
Shino, Seika, me, Kuro and Kaze)
Haven't seen them for very long and normally I only catch them at events.

Here's Yumi.
I knew her from Sundown Festival concert last year because of Alice Nine.
Respect how she is daring to dress up in Singapore and to school in different type of J-cultural influence.
I don't dare to, seriously. People stares too much.

This is Emily. 
Both of us were in the Ice Skating club back in Ngee Ann Poly days.
Her face is so small that my palm seems big.

Justin aka Lukai.
Knew him from Sundown too and really appreciated all the opportunities he brought me for food tastings and events.
Thank you! Please don't stress yourself up ya! 

CHIROOOO, my dear "sister"
I am suppose to be the older one here but most of the times our roles exchanged and she likes to see me as her younger sister instead. ><

Here's Sochii. Caught her with her Indonesian guest Stella.
She was the first one I saw!

Naomi... Whom I decided to just call her Nao.
My cute little girl. Can I say that I practically "look at her grow up"
I knew her since she was still in Primary School.

It's really nice to see them all! 

And here's the loots for AFA 2013.
I spend less than last year *claps claps*

Some close ups?

We got the Shingeki no Kyojin tattoos free after doing a simple survey at one of the booths.

Since it was the last day and closing, some stuffs were going for discounts.
The pink snow bunny hairclip at $4
The randoms hair clips at $3 for 5.
Too cute for me to resist indeed.
Originally $10 each, I got the pairs of handmade Kuma ears headband at
$12 for 2.

Here's how I looked with it!

Friends who know me well should know that I am a huge fan of Chopper from One Piece.
Practically spend lots last year on just Chopper merchandise alone.
Managed to got myself a plushie, figurine and a capsule ball. 
Adding on to my chopper collection.

Here's the file I got from Love Live! Booth.
It's Kotomi chan!!! 
Still been looping their songs nowadays.

There's the Pokemon nanoblock,
Got a squirtle since I have a mini Charmander figurine, Bulbasaur keychain so Squirtle was the only original starter that I am lacking.
For those who want to get them but missed the chance, fret not, Kinnokuniya sells them too. 

Some coscards I got from Tsuki and Chiro. 

A free mask I got from the beauty products booth.
They sells stuffs like fashion wigs and related products too. 

I got myself two products from the booth.
One is a hydrating lotion and a hair styling water.
Will do up another short review on them.
The people are really nice, gave me the pink BB vitamin water with my purchases.

I had so much fun on the day and am so tempted to pick up cosplay again or at least finish up my sub-cultural plans.

Last by not least, thank you Joyce for the company! 
Hope I didn't bore you ;)

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