Thursday, June 20, 2013

William Scorpion Book launch concert.

For those who frequent clubs like Dragonfly/Shanghai Dolly will be familiar with this name.

He is well known in the local cantopop & mandopop scene.
He recently launched his biography-travelogue 


and had a book launch performance party at Zouk.

So, I was there!! 
I really do love attending lives, gigs and concerts.
The ambience there is so much different from listening to discs and songs at home.

The crowd and artiste interactions is something you can't get elsewhere, and you can really feel the emotions going on with both the crowd and singer.
I always go high enjoying music scenes like these.

Other than William Scorpion, do not forget the band that make all the music happened.

His daughter was there that day and performed together with him.
Also a musician, she is.

He sang lots of songs and some of them are the few famous ones.
Like one that I really like a lot, 

海阔天空 orginally by Beyond.

More photos can be found at Queen Inc Band facebook page

and right now, let me enjoy my songs with the JBL speakers since I can't be at any concerts now, 
plus it's a nice way to coze at home with the bad haze going on outside.

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