Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JBL Micro Wireless EVERY-WHERE.

When I receive the JBL Micro Wireless I was amazed by the size of it.
Just how small this speaker is?
Will it be loud enough?

Man, this Micro Wireless is so small that it fits nicely on my palm.
Plus, it's really light.

I am using it almost everywhere, and really you can bring it everywhere.
It is wireless BUT,
it also came with a audio plug so fret not if your device do not have bluetooth.

It's really so small that you can just pop it in your bag and bring it out.
Plus, the audio isn't bad too!
I still can feel the bass of the songs.

Here are some places that you can bring the JBL Micro Wireless with you to :

and many more.

There are a lot of places you can bring it to, and even better if you got friends with the same speaker,
you can hook them up together and make a mega speaker.

If you have a JBL Micro Wireless, where will you bring it to?

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