Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AvatarStar SEA. with a special promo code for you!


AvatarStar is a new game from Cherry Credits. 
If you do not know about Cherry Credits, it's where Dragon Nest was from, and I played Dragon Nest for awhile.

It's really simple!
Since the game is called 
You can enjoy customizing your own Avatar!!!!

Simply sign up for an account

Log in and start downloading!!!

The game controls are like almost any other online games out there.

and the characters are so ADORABLE!
I simply love the assassin here!

AvatarStar is a MMORPG 3rd person shooting game.
There is a lot of things to do inside, especially with your friends, 
but the main attraction is on customizing your own very avatar in the Avatar Room!!!

Took me sometime to play around with all the choices!!

The game is really cute and it isn't hard to play too.
Plus, there's always tutorials there to help you!

Right now there's a competition going on and you can win up to

Create your own unique Avatar and join the contest!
Let your Avatar attracts vote from friends and players around the world and stand to win prizes!

Contest end July 30th 2013.

Head on to their Facebook Page application now!

for more details of the contest :


and here's something for you people out there!

For the 1st 100 (readers) new players to the game,
here's a unique promo code for you to claim something from the


and you get to redeem 20X Cardiac Potions, which is a cash shop item!

Code expires on 10th December 2013.

Go to and click on “Sign up for Avatar Star Account” and log in!
Simply key in the promo code.

 Unique item code will be generated and sent to Cherry Credits Messenger inbox.

go to
to redeem the in-game item!

ENJOY PLAYING and try the

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