Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What songs do you listen to? with JBL.

Like I said before in my previous entry, I really love listening to songs on YouTube, especially covers.
There are like so many talented singers out there, especially those who interpret songs their way and sing it in a different way from the originals.

I like browsing through for covers and dance music depends on my mood.
I do not know how to properly classify them, but what I mean by dance music is like, 
just try to imagine STEP UP.

I do not have proper speakers so I listen them off straight from my MBP or iMAC,
but thanks to being shortlisted in SBA2013, I got myself not 1 but 3 JBL SPEAKERS

I am using them 3 in different places and situations, and the JBL Flip mainly stay with my iMac.

What I love about the JBL Flip is that it fits NICELY under my screen in that slot I don't even know what's for.

IF you can't tell, my table is full of stationary and stuffs, so when the JBL Flip fits nicely in the slot I was really happy.
It's space saving since it don't really take up extra spaces. 
My table is messy enough.

and it's just so simple to set up, my iMac auto detect the BlueTooth once the FLIP was turned on.

I am going to share what I am listening/watching recently.


When working I love to listen straight off YouTube or FM91.3,
I can sometimes get too sick of what is in my phone already.

There are so many songs to choose from, not to forget playlists, 
and some can even last me the entire day or even more.

Call me slow or something, so recently I was hooked in listening to 
KPop Star Season 2.
If you didn't know, KPop Star is a singing competition in Korea, which they find the next KPop or Gayo singer.
There are really, really, really many good singers and contestants in the competition, 
and I adore many of their voices.

Lucky me, KPop Star has their very own YouTube account which they uploads cuts of the show.

and here are my favourite few videos.
So many diamonds waiting to be polished and shine through the season.

How nice can this 16 years old girl sing? I love that voice of hers.
The innocent feel to it but yet so damn powerful.

and here's Andrew Choi, he is such a talented song-writer/producer,
he did a lot of SM Entertainment artistes songs and his voice
really do melts girls hearts.

and the winner of Season 2.

They are currently signed to YG Entertainment where my favourite group, 2NE1 and Big Bang are,
I can't wait to listen to more of their playful tunes and songs.
Talented siblings.

and throughout the seasons there are a few YouTube singers/stars that join the competition,
so I subscribed to my favourite few.

I particularly love this video of hers, she did all the background and vocals all by HERSELF.
Why are they so talented?

and there's

Guys that can play and sing are just so attractive.

Those are the YouTube videos/Singers/covers that I have been listening recently?
There are still the famous mainstreams one like

So what songs do you listen to and who's your favourite YouTube singer?
Share some with me now!

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