Monday, April 15, 2013

Liese Bubble Hair Color in Jewel Pink~

[sponsored advertorial]

Heh~ You people out there should know about Liese Bubble Hair Color

The advertisement was on TV for a few times and it always catches my attention. 
I mean, dying your hair with foam??

Friends out there should know that I normally dye my hair myself. 
DIY style. 
To me it's more control, I can do whatever I want and how I want.

It's a permanent hair color dye which uses foam.
It's simple and easy to apply, just like washing your hair.

Even my current hair color is from Liese Bubble Hair Color! 
(Platinum Brown)

Color differs according to the base color of your hair.
Mine was partially bleached so this is what it turned out after dying.

Introducing you their new hair color :

I got it together in a basket, a hair band and rose.
(sadly to say the rose had some liquid in it and it kinda leak all over so I had to throw it away)

Here are some colors of Liese Bubble Hair Color that I find it really pretty!
 (from left to right -----> )
. Jewel Pink . Cassis Berry . Ash Brown . Platinum Brown . Antique Rose .

Here's what is inside the box!!

Anyway, since I had just recently dyed my hair, I got a friend to help me and be my hair model.
Introducing you my dear friend, Cally.

(photo taken by Casio EX-ZR700, and WOAH, I didn't even need to photoshop her complexion or what, it's build in the camera!
Love, love, love the feature!)

It's really easy to use the application.

Remember to wear your gloves to protect the hands.

Pour the solution together. 

Shake, really lightly. 
Just up and down movement.

lightly squeeze the middle of the bottle for the foam!

...and APPLY.

We kinda made a huge mess, as you can see above.
Strongly encourage you to use a showering cap, or some cling wrap,
with some towel to protect your skin.

Glad to say that though we made a huge mess, 
Liese Bubble Hair Color are easily wipeable. 
Like super easy, we merely used we tissue to wipe them off her skin. 

The smell is alright and it didn't hurt her scalp,
which people will be worried about for hair dye.

It's really fun helping a friend to dye her hair. HAHA


You can really see shade of pink on her hair, especially on the previously bleached area.

Can you tell the difference?

Happy us!
Really like the outcome and glad that Cally like it too.

Head down to Watson and get your own Liese Bubble Hair Color now! 
Only at $19.90~

[Photos powered by Casio EX-ZR700]
Really love the photos outcome and barely need to photoshop anything.
Plus, it's so light and portable!

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