Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SAYS pioneer meet up!!!

A few weeks back, I attended Pioneer meet up thanks to Maybeline (

Originally from Malaysia, is a Social Media Network where you can share news with each other and read up about them.
Not only that, you can even start earning while sharing the different news and information with each other.

You can start earning by sharing with 
which is under

The meet up was held at Hungry Chimps over at Prinsep Street.
We were given a name tag using poker cards each.

It's was for some games they had,
they chose people up using poker cards.
Too bad none of us got it.

Here's Maybeline and Noelle!! 

Food over at Hungry Chimps was not bad.
Perhaps one day I should head back and try their dishes.

Really love the hashbrowns a lot!

SAYS was giving out Ang Baos during CNY.
Yes, cash Ang Baos for real.
I tried joining but didn't win and lucky Maybeline got her share of $388!
Lucky girl isn't she?

That's Michelle from SAYS giving Maybeline her Ang Bao and board.

They even printed and mounted this for the ang bao winners.

and a group of all of us there and the winners.
Lucky guy who won the $5,000 ang bao!

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