Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail - III. Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

[food tasting]

Here's the 3rd stop for the Food Trial!

NanXiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street 
#02-53 Singapore 188021

Tel : 6835 7577

What can I say from the name of the restaurant?
YES! Bun, or pau in Chinese.

The restaurant serves chinese cuisine and their niche are obviously paus.

Nanxiang Drunken Chicken

Somewhat, I always like drunken chicken or those you find in Chinese restaurant.
They are normally tender and soft.
Some are served as a cold dish.

Shanghai Spicy & Sour Soup

Crab Roe & Pork Filling Steamed Bun

Xiao Long Bao is always my favourite.
I can always eat a few basket during buffet.
Not to mention this particular one contains crab roe.

King Sized Nanxiang Crab Roe Steamed Soup Bun

I so darn remember I tried this in China, during winter, and totally warmth me out.
Caution!! HOT!! 

You get to slurp the soup off the bun before you tackle the bun.
Normally I will drink the bun dry and leave the bun (skin) alone since there aren't much ingredients left inside.

Vermicelli with Crab Roe

Nanxiang Lion Head

The Lion Head is a little big for one bite. 
Nothing really special but it's still awesome.

Double Boiled Shark's Bone & Fish Maw Soup

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