Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail, the summary.

[food tasting]

I am consolidating the post into one right here,
a summarize version.
So people can navigate easier and direct to the exact restaurants or stores they wanna find out more.

I don't really know much about the food places in Bugis Junction pior to this food trail.
Now I am having cravings for a few places!!

There are actually so many different type of food and places available in Bugis Junction and all along I had been touring the basement bite size food only.

Travel people, travel!

Here are just the links to the parts of my different blog post for


Clicking on the photos will bring you directly to the blog post, 
or you can click the link below :)

Bugis Junction Food Trail : Siam Kitchen

All photos for the food trail are taken by Casio EX-ZR700!!!
The quality are amazing not to mention the lighting.
It was real easy to play with the settings too!

Not forgetting, rushing around with a camera is actually quite irritating at times,
but the CASIO EX-ZR700 is so light that I don't feel anything in my bag!

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