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Bugis Junction Food Trail - II. Platypus Kitchen

[food tasting]

Here's the continuation of my Bugis Junction Food Trail.

and here's Part II.

Platypus Kitchen 
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
#03-29/29A Singapore 188021 
Tel : +65 6333 4434 
Daily : 12pm - 10pm

Platypus Kitchen brings you handmade pasta in affordable prices and 
awesome beer cocktails that leave you for more.

I dare say, the place look classy enough and yet the prices to the dishes are really affordable.

I don't even have to explain much, the photos tell it all.

Founded by Nicholas Lin, chef and cookbook author, back in 2010, Platypus Kitchen brings you affordable gourmet food.

Crab Cakes

I adore this crab cake.
You can really taste the strong crab taste inside and not just some crab stick or what.

It's fried crispy on the outside and yet still soft in the inside.
Recommend to eat it when it's served before it cools down too much.

Truffle Fries

What can I say?
Truffle fries.

Their truffle fries are not just fried in truffle oil but with REAL truffles to enhance the flavouring.
Can you spot the few slice of truffles inside?

Risotto Ball

I don't know how to describe this risotto ball.
All I can say is that I like,like, like the sauce very much.

Saffron and Caviar Risotto

When this appeared in front of me,
my first reaction was to aim for the caviar.

Just look how generous they are with the serving of caviar.
Wonderful when you eat it with the risotto.

Spicy Diablo Crab and Prawn

Surprisingly, I can actually take the spicy level of this dish.
Just look at the close up photo of the pasta and sauce, YUMS.

Truffle Carbonara


Squid Ink Scallops Ragout

This squid ink pasta DO NOT stain your lips or teeth :)

Pressed Pork Belly

Pork Bellies are my favourite, yes they are sinful but thats what that made me happy.
This particular pork belly are cooked with BRAISED APPLES.

The sweetness of the apples really bring flavour to this particular dish.

Ice Sea Salt Caramel

See the little "crystal" on top of the cake?
They are popping candies!

Love the effect they have in my mouth.

Cake isn't too sweet but just nice with the caramel in it. 

The Beer Cocktails.

Momo-Lychee Ale
$9.90 (a-la-carte) $6.90 (set price)

Smith's Ale
$9.90 (a-la-carte) $6.90 (set price)

Beer cocktail is something I never tried before.
Was thinking whether it will be any bitter since it's from beer but surprisingly NOT.
I swear it's real nice.

They have 3 course set meals from $16.90 onwards so remember to check them out.

New menu and new cocktails gonna release soon,
I totally can't wait!

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