Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lollytalk new packaging and flavors

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First of all I want to say that I am late for this post. 
I am so sorry to the people from LollyTalk!!!

68 Orchard Road,
Plaza Singapore B2-20 
Tel : +65 688 31569

Anyway, remember my previous on LollyTalk?

I am here to bring you more stuffs on LollyTalk!!

They have new packaging and flavors!!!(technically speaking since I am late for this post, the packaging n flavors were up at least two weeks ago, but still new)

Other than their normal packaging, 
LollyTalk introduce you a new form of packaging which is just right as gifts ideas!!

Aren't they just colorful and cute?
They are all nicely decorated and wrapped by LollyTalk just for you.

You can totally just grab them off the shelves and will be ready to be a gift for someone!

They come in a few sizes as you can see from above. 

So, if you can't think of what to get as a gift,
why not head down to LollyTalk and get a nicely packaged bottle of
Handmade rock candies?

and guess what's I am holding in my hands?


They are not just any other flavors,
they are SOUR!!!

LollyTalk brings you a different kind of rock candies!
Who say candies must be sweet!

Personally, I love eating sour sweets!
It's like a twist to candies.

There are three flavors, and two levels.

Grape, Apple and Lemon!!

Level 1 and level 2 of, SOURNESS!!

I can take both levels of sourness, but some of my friends think even level 1 is way too sour for them.
So, do you think you can take it all?

Head down to LollyTalk and get your super sour handmade rock candies!!!
*I really love the super sour lemon level 2*

Colorful LollyTalk always attracts me a lot,
especially with all the candies and all.

They even have Chinese New Year rock candies!

Visit LollyTalk now! 

68 Orchard Road,Plaza Singapore B2-20
Tel : +65 688 31569

[Due to CNY, LollyTalk will be closed on 10th Feb 2013, 
11th Feb 2013 till 6pm,
and normal operating hours will resume on 12th Feb 2013]

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