Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feecha, Version 2


Featuring Feecha - The neighborhood new apps to see what's happening around you!
Verison 1 reached out to about 50,000 readers and now 
Feecha is back with an upgraded Version 2!!

Let's see what Feecha can do!

1.Brand new Version 2 Feecha
2. Feecha is the neighorhood app to see what's happening around you
3. Sign in with your username, email or Facebook account!
4. Each one-eyed Feecha is a story about that location;
     Feecha in a "gang" are when there are more than on stories in the same spot
     The larger and redder the more popular it is!
The map shows only the biggest Feechas - the top stories in Singapore, but you can simply zoom in to view more!!

1. This is what you see when you tap on a Feecha
2. You can share the Feecha with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
     To find the location, tap on "Where Is This?"
3. Start commenting and you can reply and respons plus liking them too
4. You can give Feecha items from treasure chest to make it grows!

1. Items can be purchased in the shops with hearts.
2. winning trophies can earn you hearts!
3. You can check what you need to win the next level!
4. You can display your trophies for everyone to see!

1. Love section can allow you to view the Feecha you have bookmarked or <3
2. App will notify you when you are nearby a bookmarked Feecha
3. You can attach photo or video to your Feecha
4. You can also share your Feecha on social media platforms automatically
Feecha brings in post from Instagram, Tumblr, foursquare and etc to bring you more sources to what you can find around you!

1. Check out " Explore " to view Feechas around you!
2. You can also control your notifications in settings too!!

Isn't Feecha just user-friendly?
It's cute too!
They even have animals to bring your around the neighborhood!

What's more?
Feecha is having a treasure hunt whenever you are in a new neighborhood!

Open the app every time you are in a new area to play the Treasure Hunt.
If you're lucky, you might win a prize!

There are tablets, wireless headphones, speakers, gift certificates, t-shirts,  caps and tote bags to be won!

Check out for more details

Simply download Feecha, and check out news and start digging!!!

You might even be in the Top 10 List!!!

Here's something I found in my area!!!
Food at Malaysia Boleh over at Jurong Point!
Perhaps one day I should try it out!!

Feecha can be found downloaded on both OS and Android with App store and Google Play


Check out

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