Monday, February 11, 2013

32 Degrees Fahrenheit SHAVE YO!

Do you miss eating Snow Ice? I do!!!
Fret not, cause 32 Degrees Fahrenheit is back with more SHAVEd SNOW ICE!

Newly revamped at a new location, 32 Degrees Fahrenheit brings your more snow ice!

32 Degrees Fahrenheit  

263 Tanjong Katong Road
#01-03, Suites@Katong
Singapore 436 050

Facebook :

10-15 minutes walk from Dakota MRT Station.
Suites@Katong is a black and white building.

photo from 32 Degrees Fahrenheit Facebook :

Those who love Snow Ice will be familiar with this brand.
They were opened a few years back and had a few branches.
Sad to say they cease operations but now 

photo from 32 Degrees Fahrenheit Facebook :
I always loved Snow Ice as the texture is so soft and melts nicely in your mouth.
So hooray to 32 Degrees Fahrenheit!

When we were there they were just newly opened, thus the decorations weren't up yet.
You will get to see posters up on the wall and decorated with polka dots all over.
Totally cheering you up!

All Snow Ice are made with NATURAL INGREDIENTS,
no artificial colorings or sort.
Plus, with love definitely.
So snow ice lovers can eat them without any worries.

Can't wait to see the snow ice photos right?

thanks Maybeline for helping me take the photo

There are 3 different types of snow ice selections you can get at
32 Degrees Fahrenheit.

No.1 - Customise your own Snow Ice.

Yes, you can mix and match with the size you want,
your favourite flavour
and the toppings you like!

We got to try a few flavours with different toppings.

Yogurt flavour with raisins

Standard (6 oz) - $4.50
Toppings - Raisins $0.80

I personally love this the best.
The yogurt taste is just right and it has a tint of sweetness in it but not too sweet.
Don't look at it being plain in color, but definitely refreshing taste.

It's a flavour you don't really find outside. 
Plus, it's so hard to find snow ice already!

Chocolate flavour with Oreo Cookies

Standard (6 oz) - $4.50
Toppings - Oreo Cookies $0.80

Who can resist chocolate flavour ice cream, not to say snow ice.

It matches real well with the oreo cookies and because they are all natural ingredients, 
the chocolate ain't too sweet or bitter.

Chocolate lover me, I just can't stop eating this.

Matcha flavour with Honey Stars

Standard (6 oz) - $4.50
Toppings - Honey Stars $0.80

Matcha flavour, also known as green tea.
Sometimes people will ask why they shade of green changes, but that's how natural it is!
All because of the natural ingredients used, you don't get consistant color like from colorings or preservatives. 

If you think matcha is bitter, this snow ice isn't.
It's popular with the older generation and yet it's also refreshing for the younger ones too. 
I think it will go just well with Nata De Coco.

No. 2 and 3 are their specialties.

This is Lover's Concerto 冰之恋.

Like it's name, it's just nice for 2 pax, or for a pair of lovers.

8oz of snow ice
2 Double Portion Fresh Fruits
2 Toppings

Next is Sky Snow 冰天雪地

yes yes! the plate comes with the dry ice!!!

Sky Snow is suitable for 4 - 6 pax, just nice for a friend or family gathering.

16 oz Snow Ice 
4 Double Potion Fresh Fruits 
4 Toppings

It's definitely a great choice if you are going with your friends and family.
It's just nice for us plus I always think it's nice to bond and share together like this.

The fog from the dry ice really make it feels different!!

The five of us managed to finish all of the above while talking to 32 Degrees Fahrenheit people.
They are so friendly too.

I am actually quite amazed that we managed to finish them all. HAHA

Other than snow ice, 32 Degrees Fahrenheit also serve other stuffs, like ice fruit blends

Do look our for their specialty delights.
We got to try test their candy fruits and I can't wait for the actual ones already.

From left to right :
Banana, Kiwi, Orange, Strawberry, Longan and Apple.

Watermelon and Mango.

All Ice Fruit Blend are made on the spot with fresh fruits, so they are real fruity without any artificial flavourings like their snow ice.

It's really refreshing especially when Singapore is so hot and humid.

I really like the watermelon one very much.

February is the opening month for 32 Degrees Fahrenheit 
so head down as they have a lucky draw waiting for you!

and guess what?
From the 32 Degrees Fahrenheit,
I got 5 $10 vouchers to be given out to readers out there as well as
fans of 32 Degrees Fahrenheit and snow ice lovers.

1. Like "COOKIEoLOGIC" Facebook page 

2. Like "32 Degrees Fahrenheit" Facebook page 

3. Share the post 

4. Comment on the post with the flavour you want to try!

giveaway ends on 20th February 2013, 23:59

So head down to 32 Degrees Fahrenheit now!

Thanks 32 Degrees Fahrenheit for having us down and Noelle for bringing us!

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