Friday, November 23, 2012

Fight Diabetics with GlucosCare Tea

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Do you know that International Diabetics Day is on November 14?
Even though it's over, that doesn't mean you do not need to take care of yourself!

Introducing, GlucosCare Tea!

GlucosCare Tea is 100% herbal and suitable for diabetics and those who are health or weight conscious.

Excessive sugar intake is bad for the body.
With GlucosCare Tea, it helps reduce absorption of sugar in the gastro intestinal track.

GlucosCare Tea molecules and glucose molecules are similar in molecular structure.
Thus, able to block part of the sugar receptors.

You can do a test on your own too!

Simply just eat a sweet.
Drink GlucosCare Tea.
Eat another sweet.

You can taste the difference of sweetness of the same sweet!
All because GlucosCare Tea broke down the sugar molecules!

Here are some YouTube videos on GlucosCare Tea :)

What's more?
Cookieologic's reader get to claim GlucosCare Tea samples!!! *waves*

simply e-mail to

with the subject: "Fight Diabetics with GlucosCare Tea"

with your name & mailing address!!
(limit to 1 sample set per household)

Only available for the 1st 100 responses!!!

Here's a example for you to copy paste :)

Email : 
Subject : "Fight Diabetics with GlucosCare Tea" 

I would like to claim my GlucosCare Tea samples from
Name :
Address :  
Thank you!

Warning. GlucosCare Tea is not suitable for pregnant and lactating woman.

GlucosCare Tea is suitable for the entire family!!

Get your GlucosTea now at : NTUC FairPrice, Watsons, Guardian, Unity, OG, selected polyclinic, chinese medical halls and Mustafa

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