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BellaBox November 2012

Just last month I finally subscribed to BellaBox. 
I didn't managed to blog since I was taking a break from Social Media, but here's my 2nd box!

BellaBox November 2012.
It's all about BLISS

I always love the packaging, especially the box within.

Let's see what's inside the box!

There's always a little gift in BellaBox and this month was a mustache necklace!!!
I had fun taking selcas with it and wore it out straight the next day.

Here's Bio-oil.
Something that I always wanted to get after some blogger friends recommend it to me.

If you do not know, my leg are quite scarred. 
I always get unknown injuries or wounds on my legs thus ending up with lots of scars.

Bio-oil originated and manufactured from South Africa, it's suitable to be used on face and body.
Scars are one thing that I hate the most, so this is going to be my favourite item in this month BellaBox.
Maybe I will do a recording on how Bio-Oil works with my scars on my leg.

Retailing at $15.50/60ml

Next is the :
Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner mini in beige shine

It comes in 6 different shade and this is shade no.1.
The main photo is a little too bright to see the shade, so I took a close up.
Sorry, it's blur though, but hope it does tell the color of the gel liner.

It's really easy to apply and since it's Gel Liner it last longer and smoother than normal liner?
Always have a shiny eyeliner in my makeup bag, either white or silve, I shall try out with beige now.

Original Gelpresso Pencils retails at $18.90
Limited Edition Mini Set at $25.90

Here's Davines Oi/Oil

It's a multi-purpose styling treatment oil that can be used on both damp and dry hair.
It's also good for frizzy hair plus it gives shine and softness to the hair.

I didn't try it, but it doesn't smell bad.
Most treatment oil DOES HELPS with softness and gives shine to the hair.
Then again, my hair is really shiny now so I got no comment on the shine.

I still prefer cream/lotion base though, especially since my hair/scalp is oil-based.

Retailing at $38.00/50ml

Storyderm Silk Mask

E.G.F Silk Mask or Epidermal Growth Factor is the rate which the skin cell regenerates.
It helps in moisturizing and conditioning the skin too.

I didn't use this, I got tons of masks that I bought previously plus those from Genting waiting for me.
Rejuvenation. Anti-Aging, I probably give this to my mum.
She loves masks as much as I do, or even more than me.

Retails at $19.90

Lastly, Savoir Faire Concealer Pack

This is the concealer sample kit, with 4 shades of concealers + 2 finishing powder.

I really like the finishing powder cause it's really blends in well plus the texture is real smooth.
The product information on the card (black card above) really does tells and helps a lot.
Plus, it doesn't have that obvious shade different which some powder does give out.

It helps from reducing redness to contouring the face and to cover blemishes and imperfections.

I hope that you can tell the shades from the photo.

According to the card,

A + B for light skin tone
B + C for medium skin tone
C + D for dark skin tone 
If you use...
No or Minimal Make up - Use to hide blemishes, redness and imperfections.
Mineral Powder - Use on all of the above before you apply the mineral foundation as it will set the concealer.
Liquid or Cream foundation - Use after you have applied the foundation on imperfections and set with a mineral foundation or finishing powder.
Finishing powder - A translucent powder used to set any liquid. 
For more product information, visit :

Am glad that I did it right since I used BB cream, so it's like liquid foundations.
I might try getting on of these after I finish my MAC concealer, which is.....

photo credits to

Concealer Pack (containing 2 concealer shades on top and finishing powder on the bottom) at $46.00

Can't wait for the Decemeber Box since it's my Birthday Month! HEHEHE
Always love having parcels too.

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