Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fight Sorethroat with Three-Legs Pe Pa Kao

Ever wonder what you can eat when you have cough, throat irritations, loss of voice? 

Ever remembering drinking Pe Pa Kao when you were younger? I do!
Pe Pa Kao are traditionally used to reduce phlegm, relive cough and for sore throat.

When I was younger, and I started coughing, dad will make me take a spoonful of Pe Pa Kao.
I can always remember the sticky sweet taste.

Here's Three-Legs Pe Pa Kao.

Doesn't Three-Legs sounds familiar to you?
It's a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brand since 1937 and many of you will be familiar with it's cooling water (which I am going to blog next month!)

Three-Legs Pe Pa Kao also helps to nourish the lungs, other than aiding for coughs and sore throat.
It has 15 premium Chinese Herbs and is also useful for is also useful in relieving sore throat due to excessive drinking, smoking and lack of sleep.

I think I need it lots for lacking of sleep.

The mixture of this Pe Pa Kao is more minty and less sweet compared to other brands in the market. 
Three-Legs Pe Pa Kao is the only halal certified Pe Pa KAO so muslims friends can consumed it safely too.

 It is non-breakable and lightweight thus making it easy to carry around. 
You do not have to worry about dropping the bottle and breaking it apart. 
Plus, it's small enough to put in your bag and bring around.

The Pe Pa Kao uses PET bottle and with a non-spill flip top cap.
Often we have this problem about sticky residue while drinking Pe Pa Kao due to the thick loquat syrup, so now you do not need to worry anymore.

Also, the packaging won the Good Design Award in Malaysia and it's manufactured in GMP factory (Good Manufacture Practice)

So much effort is put into the bottle packaging all for consumer's conveniences.

Here's free samples for COOKIEOLOIGC's readers AGAIN. 

good things must share :)

A 30ml limited edition Pe Pa Kao samples for the 1st 30 responses.

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Three-Legs Pe Pa Kao can be found at NTUC FairPrice, Guardian, Unity, Chinese Medical Halls, Selected Polyclinics & minimarts. 

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