Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello people.

I know I haven't been blogging for awhile, like a week or plus. 
Just looking at the blog hits drop is so saddening.

I am currently working, as an intern incase you do not know.
The working hours is from 11am to 7pm, I normally leave after 7pm though.
It's tiring, I do love the place though, just that I am still not much used to working hours?
By the end I reached home I am so exhausted that sometimes I do not even want to use the computer.

My only free times were Saturday and Sundays, which I spend it catching up with Friends and Family instead.

I know I neglected the blog but NOOO, I am not abandoning it!

I will try as much to blog, and when people tell me they read my blog,
I am really, really happy and appreciated it!

I do have a chunk of posts that I wanna blog about, and the list is just getting longer and longer thanks to me.
I have finally finish blogging on Genting, sorry Nuffnang ><
and there's lots more to go, and yes
BIG BANG, I need to blog about them.
I actually drafted out the post? It's just photo-less right now.

I got a few hauls posts to do up too. 
Not forgetting gatherings and events that I have went.

I am still somewhat active on Facebook and Twitter though, so do find me there!

Here's my Facebook page!!!
Do support and like please!!!

and then there's Twitter

@cookiehuijin is for Instagram too!!!

See you people and thanks for reading my blog!!!
Sometimes I do wonder where you people come from, or are all of them just my friends ><
DO SHOUT-OUT TO ME and let me know who you are :)

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