Wednesday, October 24, 2012

AFA : Wa-loli Test

I haven't been cosplay-ing or wearing sub-cultural for a few years.
Been still catching up bits and pieces though.

School always clashes with the AFA/EOY etc schedule so I normally will just give it a miss instead.

This year is different, I graduated! SO I GOT TIME to spare!!!
Gonna dress up in wa-loli with a friend, Katie.
The wa-loli have been in the cupboard for years and I have never wore it since I got it *self stabs*

Wa-loli, or wa lolita, combines Japanese traditional costumes (Yukata/Kimono) with Lolita. 

Anyway, I took a few photos testing out wearing the wa-loli.
Probably wearing them together with black knee length socks and my geta :D

Really do love my plain purple wall. 
Would love to have a ring light too ><

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