Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Genting Snow World Part III [final]

[sponsored trip]

Here's the last part of my 2D1N Genting Snow World post.

Breakfast was at First World Hotel, just one level above us.
It's the kind that comes with the hotel room.

I was super reluctant to wake up ><
Kept thinking that we were late though but actually the 2nd ones to arrive.

It was buffet style, not a lot of sections but still enough to fill the tummy.

I am not used to eating breakfast thus didn't have much appetite.
Love the cheese omelette though.
The person fried it on the spot.

FINALLY, the main attraction of the entire trip!

credits to Ruiting http://lovelivfe.com/

Snow World do provide jackets, gloves and boots.
However, you can always bring your own if you do not want to share or feel that it's not enough.
Do remember to bring your own socks though.
Personally, I regret not wearing thicker.

They only had the bigger sizes of jackets for us, like XL and onwards.
Practically everyone's like swollen ba zhang (dumpling) or something.

I swear! It's really, seriously freaking cold inside!
I can feel the cold air while waiting outside the door.
Most of our nose turned red, and sniffling throughout.

credits to Ruiting http://lovelivfe.com/ 
credits to Celine, http://www.superstickylabels.blogspot.sg/

Do take note that CAMERAS ARE NOT ALLOWED inside snow world.
Anyway, it's so cold thus it's not good for our cameras, plus your camera might not even work.
Mine refuses to even turn on inside.
I didn't bring in the SLR though, shall not risk any fogging?

Took the above photos outside Snow World though.

We were split into groups and played three rounds of game designed by the Nuffies, Jayne and Gabby.
Was in Team Sophie together with Ruiting, Joey and Peishi.

Don't have photos so here are those from the others.

credits to Ruiting http://lovelivfe.com/ 
Our team won for the mini snow fight and best overall? We were 2nd for two rounds.

credits to Joey http://iisjong.blogspot.sg/

More photos before we leave the place to head back for packing and checking out.
Wanted to take photo with Sophie (http://sophiewillocq.blogspot.sg/) and ended up being photobomb by some of them!

and here's a last photo with Tiffany before we leave the hotel room.

Lunch was at 

The Lobby Cafe
Lobby Floor, First World Hotel

Operation Hours:
Daily 24 Hours

Had pastries and salad only.
Managed to pack a few cupcakes home too.

I kinda went to SASA and bought more masks!!!

We had some spare before heading to the coach so everyone were busy to take last minutes photos with each others.
And yes, I slept the entire road trip back.

2D1N might seems to be a very short getaway, yet I did had a lot of fun there and plus I get to make a lot of new friends!!!
Really grateful and thankful to Nuffnang and RWGenting for this opportunity and chance!

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