Friday, October 12, 2012

Purple Gradient Nails

Just last week after I got my first pay, I was attracted by the Etude House 1 for 1 nail polish sales.
This Juicy Cocktail Gradation nails set isn't included but I always wanted to get it.
I have one already, which is the silver one, and purple is my favorite color.

To be honest, I am not really much of a Etude House's nail polish fan cause it's a little hard to apply plus the end results not what I wanted.
However their gradation nails set are of a gel base thus it's real easy to apply and remove.
People always had a hard time removing glitters but this is alright.

(my hands)

I didn't actually just use the gradation nail set?
Added on some others to enhance it.

Used the other gradation set for more glitterish base, since their glitters and smaller.
Added more purple & silver glitters too.
Especially on that two nails without gradation effects.

People asked me how did I managed to get that effect.
It's actually real easy. 
There's instructions behind the box. 

Here are the colors of the others, I am very much tempted to actually collect them all.
I love glitters too.
Plus, I can also use them for my nail polish rings.

What do you think about my new nails?

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