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Big Bang Samsung Alive Tour 2012 - Singapore

(imagine me shouting this)

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WARNING! This post is full of me being a fan girl, non stop giggling (thanks god you can't hear that), my endless smiling (unable to see other than my emotioncs :) ) and endless photos (I wish).

First of all, I want to thanks Shannon for the Twitter contest which I won!!
It's all thanks to him that I managed to attend Big Bang's concert!!!!
I am still "overly" happy till now, and my happiness and highness have not yet end.
I am still very much crazy over the fact that I got to attend the concert and see them in real life!!
This is like a dream come true!!! (yeah, I know I got lots of dreams)

Ever since I started chasing/liking K-Pop in Secondary School, my choice of music change.
There were a few groups that I liked, still like, and I just can't stop listening to their music.
The first few groups that caught my attention was DBSK and Super Junior, and I very much self-claimed myself as a biggest fan.
That was before I got to know about Big Bang.
Then, I was very much attracted to their rapper, T.O.P with his unique voice and his charming eyes.
I got glued to them and BIG BANG became my favorite Korea boy-group.
Lots of friends do know that I am crazy over T.O.P (including the boyfriend) and I always wanted to see in real life!!!
Been going for fan meets and autograph session, for eg. Super Junior and SHINee.
It was an opportunity that I couldn't miss if I can afford to make it.
To me, I do not need to chase them like crazy, just being able to see them once will be good enough for me.
I never had a chance to meet Big Bang till now.

I blame myself, for not able to save up money, thus not being able to buy the tickets to the concert.
Missed a few times before this too, like the F1 concert for example.

I was real lucky this time to join Shannon's twitter contest and get to go to the concert!!
It's freaking BIG BANG.

Enough of my typing. It's gonna be endless fangirling giggling over BIG BANG, okay, especially T.O.P
(on a side note, OUCH, he injured his hand while filming, and then again I respect him to went ahead and come Singapore for the concert despite of the fact)

I am real grateful and thankful to Shannon, and I can't stop saying that.
Perhaps, The Secret worked and make me lucky recently.
No no no, shall not doubt but YES! THE SECRET WORKED!!!

So, I joined the twitter contest and WON!! That you know.
Damien aka Uncle Teh Peng won too and we were so high about it.
Managed to contact the other winner, Debra and the three of us decided to meet and go to the concert together.
It's real great to go concerts with friends and enjoy going high together. The feeling is real different.

Doubt anyone wanna read what I'm typing but to look at all the photos instead!!!!!!

OH-KAY! The concert!

I ended work early that day so I could find Shannon and pick up the tickets.
( detoured a little since Kith's was real close, this I went by and get a drink before heading to the stadium)

with UncleTehPeng
photo credited to Debra
Initially we wanted to get there real early so we can queue and be infront!
Samsung distracted us instead!!!!!!!

There was a Samsung booth where you can queue up to write notes and try on their products.
Galaxy Note, SIII, even their tabs.
Even better, by writing the notes an listening to the staffs introduce and explain we get to have this coupon that we can claim and do stuffs.


Taking a photo with the photo wall!

Getting bangles and lanyards!
The bangles can be light up, just nice for the concert!!!

There are even free tattoos with the big bang concert logo and hair extension!

the two Samsung people who gave us the tattoos.
The girl is so pretty!
Both of them are koreans by the way. 

I would like to state something too!
You know how in concerts some fans were sell their hand made merchandise?
Better check whether it's legal or whether the merchandise are licensed?
I know fans might not mind while buying but the companies will!

Apparently there's a few girls selling their handmade crown-headband and got into trouble with the crew.
Was queuing up for the hair extension nearby and kinda witness the entire incident.
Poor girl was almost in tears while trying to explain herself.
They wanted to call the police or something and took away all her items!
In conclusion, it's really not safe and right to sell handmade merchandise when there are the original ones.

[Sensor the photos for privacy purpose!]
The entire thing seems so scary!

We spotted Patricia Mok and Ann Kok there too, and took a photo with Ann Kok before running off.

Still lol-ing over the incident how she "volunteers to act in their MV" and GF asked her to audition instead. OUCH.
And the endless bashing how she calls them OPPA, when she is ahem *39 years old*
You know how OPPA is for girls calling guys OLDER than him?
MEHS. I was lol-ing throughout reading those news.
She don't really look like her age too, she got a real small face.

Oh, the one thing that shocked me was that she printed her OWN FACE on the A1? poster and brought it to the concert?
*piak forehead*
(disclaimer. I got nothing against her though)

A group photo of us :)
We met this other girl there who was alone so we kinda just asked her to join us :D

By the time we finish we all the Samsung stuffs, it's almost 6.30pm and the concert starts at 7pm!
I rushed and went to queue to get my merchandise!!!

Even though we didn't queue to get all the way in front, we aren't much far away from the stage too.

It was crazy! I was damn high!
Jumping and shouting through the entire concert!
It was amazing! I had so damn much fun!!!!!
It's even better when you go with friends!!!!!!

Alright, photos time!!!
We are kinda bias?
I like T.O.P while Debra like GDragon and all agree that TaeYang is good looking too, so we got more shots of the three of them :x
It's not like we don't like the other two just that we got our favorite!

Photos are credited to Debra! (other than those with my link)
Remember to check out her blog too!

We took some photos after that with the wall again.
It was crazy trying to take photo of each individual one when there are so many others wanting to do the same thing too.

(ps. will update this post again after I got the photos!)

Wait! Let me share what I got from the concert!
I spend like $150 on this!!!
Here's a chart on the merchandise available!!

1. Light sticks that Debra bought
2. The headband that I bought from that girl that got caught. 2 for $10
3. F&N handouts, paper fan?
4. free bangles redeemed from Samsung booth
5. free tattoos redeemed from Samsung booth
6. free lanyard redeemed from Samsung booth
7. free hair extension redeemed from Samsung booth
8. some banner that I purchased @ $2. There was this guy who was walking around selling :x

1. Big Bang Tour Badge Set - SGD 15
2. Big Bang Eco Bag - SGD 20
3. Big Bang Keyrings - SGD 15

Big Bang Fan Set - SGD 10

Big Bang Alive Tour Towel - SGD 15

Big Bang Singapore Alive T-Shirt - SGD 45

1. Big Bang Light Stick - SGD 35
2. Big Bang Plastic Bag (?) - I think it's SGD 10

I actually wanted to get the black tour tee but it was mostly out of stock and the only ones left are the bigger sizes one, like L, XL etc.
I fit a XS for the white tee I bought but purchased a S instead.
Large sizes are a no no.
Anyway I can actually get them off YG web so it's not that bad.
I am very much tempted to get the hoodie too but it was out of stock way before the black tour tee!!!!

Made new friends too!!!!
Thanks Shannon for the ticket again! 
Appreciated lots!

[T.O.P - G Dragon - Taeyang - DaeSung - Seungri]


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