Saturday, September 22, 2012 soft launch party.

Thanks to and I got to attend the soft launch party for new website!!!!

CLICK to be directed to their website for a different shopping experience
If you do not know what's is, let me tell you.

Set up by the 3 founders, the friend Angeline Tham and siblings Tian Qiuyan and Chan Chiou Hao, brings you a different type of shopping experience online.

Previously is a shopping site where you pay via bidding for your favourite item(s).
The items are mainly lifestyles and gadgets and definitely the highest quality or are the best in the category.

Now launched something new, something different on their website. SHOP & SALES
Adding two more options, consumers can now CHOOSE THE WAY THEY SHOP.
You can now buy items via the SHOP, SALES and their famous AUCTION sites.

you get to CHOOSE YOUR OWN SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!!!! *cheers and waves*

Take a look at the website!!

a screenshot of the front page

Clearly shown on the screenshot, the thing you see are the latest AUCTION, SHOP & SALE.

The website is now clearer, easier to navigate, you don't even need to go FAQs to find your way round the website.
Everything is so clear.


With the Auction option, you can now big your favourite lifestyle items or gadgets!!
From stuffs like vouchers to games and even phones and electronic products, as seen as above.

What you need to do is very easy!
          1. Register 
          2. Buy Tokens!!!
                tokens are used in this case for bidding!
        Each time you bid, you uses 1 token. Tokens are like credits, imagine going arcade or something.

          3. START bidding away!!!
             Let me show you an example.

The way they set up the page, makes everything very clear.
All the details can be found on each page.

So, each time you BID, you uses one TOKEN.
ONE BID = ONE TOKEN. (unless stated)
Then the auction price will also increase with the stated amount, 1cents or 5cents for example.

Isn't it simple and easy.
All you do is to bid with your tokens and try to win it when it ends, and all you need to pay is the Auction price you bid for!

Just look at these examples, isn't it cheap?
YES, there will be TOKEN PACKS for bidding too!! So you can save more and more!!!

It's really fun to monitor the bidding too :x


SHOP is easy and straight forward, it's no different with any other online shopping websites.
Select the item you want, pay for it and wait for it to arrive!!!

Items in the SHOP category are mainly instocks, so your orders will be shipped within 2 working days.


Don't hesitate, shop now!!


The final part of

The SALES area are quite similar with the SHOP category, but obviously with SALES aka DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTION!!!

However, only members can view the discounted sales price!!
I swear you do be able to save up with the sales price!


As I was saying before, I was invited to their soft launch party for their new website layout, which includes the new add ons of SHOP & SALES.
We were kindly allowed to bring a guest each and thus pulling Cally along with me,
and Amanda ( was so nice to let me bring another friend, Kervyn as her plus one.
I wanted Cally to have a companion so she won't feel neglected when I am taking photos and mingling around. Though she blend in well too.

The launch party was held at Hummerstons, Robertson Walk.
The food are way awesome.

We each get a bag of goodie bag!! How nice they are!

When I got in I was welcomed by FOOD laying out in the table.
They are finger foods so it's easier for us to consume, and they are AWESOME.
This isn't a food review but still!!! Excuse me? GOOD FOOD must introduce.

Not to forget the endless free flow Champagne and Wines.
Thank you Hummerstons for their friendly and modest service.

I would totally love to go back for more one day.
They do serve brunch to lunch and dinner too.

Walking around the venue, had set up two iMac so guests can surf the new layout and have a demo of it.

PLUS, they also brought in some of their products for display.

This is MC of the day, Jonny (Jonathan)

There were a trivial quiz game going on, I was too engross in solving the questions that I forgot to take a single photo -.-

They were multiple choice questions, we had to form a group and write down the answers to 20 questions and submit it to them.

AND HOORAY!!! WE WON!!!! My group won!!!!!!!!
We each got ourself a $10 Hummerstons Voucher :)

What excites me the most was the WALL!!
There was a contest for the top 3 photos!!! prepared some props for us too!!
Had fun taking photos there with the other bloggers and the plus one(s).

They were also a lucky draw, but sadly to say I didn't win anything :(

Took a few photos with the founders and of course, the other bloggers!!!

With Founders

With MC, Jonny

Just look at our arms. 

With Tiffany, always glad to see her because she is one that I can talk and chat comfortably to.
In fact, we (including Amanda) ended up chatting after the event over supper.

Together with Amanda and Rynaque.
Glad to see Amanda and thankful for her letting me bring Keryn along.
and My first time meeting Rynaque, though we added each other on Twitter before.

With Christina and Kurumi photobomb-ing behind us.
Haven't seen Kurumi in a long time!!
Suppose to meet up with Christina and the others, but we always have been just saying

I missed out quite a few others too like CINDY (one of the bloggers that went to the Genting trip) and a few new friends that I met like Samantha.

Always glad to attend such events where I get to meet new people and hang out with friends.

Anyway, remember to check out

and visit their AUCTION, SHOP & SALE sites
and do like and visit their Facebook Page too!!


Once again, thanks and for the invite and hospitality and Hummerstons for the great food.

and lastly, a photo of me!!! BUAI!!

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