Saturday, September 22, 2012

F1. sneak and GIF

F1 is here in Singapore right now!!!
Tomorrow's the final~~~
For the past few years I have never went to a single match, not to say visit the site.
This year I got a little lucky, thanks to the company I am working in right now, I managed to go!!!

I was there around 3pm on the first day (Friday), strolled around alone before meeting up with boss.

Dramatic stuffs happened too since I slipped and fell and couldn't stood up as my leg went numb from the impact.
I was shocked from the fall too, and start feeling a little giddy and seeing black spots. Ended up vomiting too.
Leg is alright, just limping, but it's the old injured knee that I fell on so I am a little worried but everything else is alright.
Blood pressure a little swaying from the impact but am rest well so am recovering.
Basically, I was such a drama queen.
Was really thankful to those that helped me, especially colleague, Elena, who was there throughout the whole thing. I felt real bad, really.

Here are some GIFs. will do up another post when I get photos from Elena and edit mine.
For now, please imagine the VROOOOOOMMMM

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