Friday, September 21, 2012

Winter and Snow, in Genting

I know, I know, I had just went Genting only a few weeks ago and now I am tempted to go once more!!!!

You can never get sick of the place or at least I WILL NEVER get sick of GENTING!!!
It's like how you can go to the same place over and over again to play, eat or shop.
So why not Genting too?

I seriously miss the weather there!
The cooling air and the occasionally fog at night which make the temperature even more cooling.
With the weather getting hotter an hotter these days, you can never get the same cooling weather in Singapore like Genting.
The heat is draining off all my energy!!!

Just bring me there please.
The food, the theme park, the everything and yes the AIR & WIND!! << Find my previous Genting's travelogue here!

With Genting's Snow World recently renovated, it brings you winter and snow along with the cold air to Genting.

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The last time I went, was back in 2004 with the school for a Chinese Orchestra competition.
(ps. can't find the photo though. :( )

For all-year-summer countries like us, Singapore and Malaysia we don't get to have winter and not to mention SNOW!!!!
All we can do to have it is to visit places like SNOW WORLD!!!

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You can't stop me, cause I haven't been to Snow World since 8 YEARS and the last time I went (few weeks ago) IT WAS UNDER RENOVATION!!

Those countries with 4 seasons? Enjoy and experience their Winter~
Somehow, partly because of the season, whenever I travel, it's always Winter.
Korea, China, Australia and even Taiwan.
I was so excited to see the amount of snow in Korea, and not to mention get to ski, and taste the snow dropping from the sky. LITERALLY.
Just stood there, facing upwards, opening my mouth, sticking my tongue out.

back in December 2008 - Korea

The thing about winter countries, we need WINTER CLOTHES, and all this winter clothes are useless in Singapore.
So, all we can do is to keep them in our cupboard :(

If only we could dress up in Winter wear in Singapore, WINTER PLEASE COME.
Here's my take of Winter Fashion and a peek of my winter clothes!! :)

First, some Fashion shows collection that I would like to own and wear or seems interesting.

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

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Anna Sui Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

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Vivienne Westwood Winter/Autumn 2012-2013

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and let's not forget my share of WINTER CLOTHES.
Sad news, I couldn't find my winter coat, and waking my mum up to find it, is crazy.
BUT... I got a few autumn/winter dresses from my dear friend, Precious in Korea.
It won't be enough for winter, but with a coat and the inner wear it should make it right.

Long sleeves, jackets, coats, scarfs, gloves...

This outfit is mine though, bought the top for the trip to Korea.

Yes, I just went but like I said at the top of the post, I really would love to go again, and again, and again.
Not to mention, there will be a few bloggers that I want to meet that are going,
PLUS... a few of the bloggers that I personally known or got to known are trying for this trip too.
Isn't it wonderful if we can all go together? We can bond even more and be better friends!!!

I still need a getaway from the HEAT in Singapore!!!!

Don't wait!!!
Go to RWG's website to book your winter holiday through RWG's iHoliday booking engine now!!!

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