Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Genting trip. The Teaser

Here's the summarize version of the 3 Days 2 Nights that I had spend in Genting.
Thanks to Nuffnang SG and Genting, I got to go on this trip.

Hotel, First World. Deluxe Room
70RM food card, room card & theme park tickets.

Lunch @ Coffee Terrace, buffet.
Genting Hotel, Lobby.

Strawberry Farm.
Includes Lavender and Mushroom.

Dinner @ Bubbles & Bites
Highlands Hotel. Level 2

Day 02.
Breakfast @ Lobby Cafe.
Lobby floor, First World Hotel

Theme Park.

Lunch @ Ming Ren Restaurant.
Level 2. Highlands Hotel

Simple Dinner before Spa.
The Bakery.
Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting.

Spa @ M Spa.
Balinese Message + Green Tea Scub.

Supper back at Coffee Terrace again.

Day 03.
Dim sum Breakfast @ Good Friends Restaurant.
Level 2. Highlands Hotel.

Last minute shopping @
The Bakery
The Junction
Take away back home to Singapore.

Home Sweet Home.

wait for my detailed version of Genting trip :)

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