Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Speed skating & rentals suck

Went to the rink last Wednesday after my job interview and realize there was the short track speed skating competition in Singapore, thus I went down again on Thursday for day 2.

It's really fun watching them speeding on ice, feeling excited for them as I look as spectator and volunteer.
I just kinda went and help out on the spot since they need people.
Had been always helping out in matches whenever I could so why not just help them since I am there to watch the match.

two of my friends were competing, and it's crazy watching them skate.
QiEn can't stop asking me to skate (speed).
Ain't no have muscles and stamina :(

with Jonathan and QiEn
and hooray for helping out, we got ourself a tee each :D

So before the competition on Thursday, Yinkwan and I decided to try out the rentals.
We were too tempted to skate and since we didn't bring our skates, we could only settle for rentals.

with yinkwan <3
Believe me, it's crazy.
The others were like laughing at us.
I couldn't let go off the wall around the rink, I couldn't even move properly.
Had to be in this squat-ing position throughout so I can actually navigate and move.
Oh man, I love my own personal skates so much.

and I promise not to look down on people who can't skate using rentals.
I felt like a duck on ice.

It was fun though, experience wise but still. RENTAL SUCKS.

Can't wait to skate again.. I miss the ice.
very much.

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