Wednesday, September 5, 2012

YOG friends, Aug birthday

Met up with my YOG mates again, this time to celebrate Yiting's birthday.
It's still kinda sad that it's always Yiting, Vicson and I only.
(a little different this time, as YuHao was there with Yiting)
We need a gathering with much more other YOG volunteers/interns/workers.
YOG was fun because of them.

We went to Kith at Parkmall.
Remember my previous post about Kith? Incase you forget, here
Parkmall is their 2nd branch and they serve dinner as compared to the one at Robertson Quay.
Only sad thing? Edna wasn't working at this branch.

I was late, so had the others to order their food first while waiting.

Food was amazing as always, and PHOTO SPAMS.
I didn't really take any photos, so every other photo you see here belongs to Yiting.
The only photo I took and useable was the one of my pasta.

so, photo credits to
SHANICE KOH aka Yiting

Yiting's order

Vicson's order
Yuhao's order

and here's mine, carbonara.
Edna said that the pasta were awesome and I couldn't really decide what to order, so I settled for the simple carbonara.

Just look at her photos compared to mine, mehs. 
Especially with the filters, her's look so pretty ><

a photo with her.

I didn't take a photo with the others though.

Always had fun hanging out with them, gossiping and laughing and catching up on our dailies.

Went for Rochor for dessert since Fruit Paradise was closing. 
It was so damn hot there so I ended up with just a soy bean drink instead.
Thanks YuHao for treating. 

A group photo of us.

I can't wait to hang out with them again, and to pass Vicson his belated present.
I am laughing at our joke on the present now, no point typing as none of you will get it.

Love meeting up with friends <3

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