Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ST Classified Fashions & IT Showcase

Attended ST Classified Fashions & IT Showcase on Sunday.

Attended the event with Shanice, and walked around with Kiyo and Charlene throughout the day.

This is the first fashion and IT showcase held by ST Classified, and lots of local indie labels and blogshops are there at the event, showcasing their products, like clothes to accessories to shoes.
Not to mention that they are a fashion walk on both days!

Here are some photos of the booths around.
I was trying hard not to be tempted by the clothes and accessories, but they are really mad cheap.
Now while typing this post, I seriously regretted not buying a single thing from the event ><

There was even a booth where you can do a quick little manicure session.

There was also a 
"I'm a Fashionista!" finals on Sunday too.

Participants were suppose to submit their most stylish outfit to Instagram with the hastag #STFashionista during the period of 29 June to 13 July.

The winners were then decided by their fashion sense, style, creativity and community hype received.
Professional judging stands 30%
and 70% goes to public voting.

the judges, not in sequence
Hosanna Swee (Fashion Blogger)
 Lucinda Zhou (Founder of Ohvola) 
Clare Chan (Founder of Her Velvet Vase)

Look at his shoes, zoom in or click the photo to enlarge it.
It's crazily awesome, the few of us were like "How the hell does he walk in those pair"
I would love to have one too ><

The winners were
Grand Prize > Vera See
2nd Place > Shirlene Ang
3rd Place > Heather Teo

Winners of the congeniality awards 
- Yusrina
- Joshua Hoong
- Agnes Koh


This is the grand winner, Vera See
and I am very much attracted and distracted by the parrot of her head.

We had time before the Fashion show starts, so we walked around a bit more, and I rushed down to Suntec for StreetFest too.

Anyway, more photos :D

Aren't you tempted looking at all those photos?

OKAY, this is my favorite shop of all.


I really wanted to bring the above piece home.
The price is really affordable too, $27.00 before discount.

and here are the pretty girls of ModParade

The SLR battery died half way through the fashion show, and I couldn't take much photos !!!!

It was a nice experience for me as it's my first time attending fashion walk?
Not to mention sitting in the first row as a blogger with awesome view of the models.
I couldn't catch the timing right and the models turn really fast.
I was also too busy looking at them and forgot to take photos sometimes ><

The participating labels/blogshops not in any order.

So, here are the photos, not in any sequence.

and then the camera died.

credits to Shanice
It's always nice to attend events with a friend that I have already know. 

with bloggers
and Kiyo

credits to Shanice 

with Charlene here too
This girl is real sweet and with her unique views and thoughts, she is super nice to talk with.

Thank you and ST Classified for the chance to attend the event.

Before I end this post, let me share something with you.
We were given goodie bags that day and we got lots of vouchers to bring home.

and the hardworking Joey went through her stack of clothes and listed a series of vouchers that could be used online,

so people, go check her blog about it!


I am not going to copy and paste here because I think she deserves all the credits so just go to her blog if you want to have it :)

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