Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Recently, I graduated from school. 28th July 2012
There were mixed feelings for me, since it's a long story for me to explain.
so...my school closed down, 
and I am the last batch graduating.
I kinda give up getting angry at the school, since all was kind of expected.
After all, in the industry I am studying and heading towards, cert isn't the main thing they are looking after, but the portfolio instead.
For now, I am still resting, trying to compile my portfolio PROPERLY, 
looking for companies to join.
I graduated as a 3D Modeller, incase you are wondering.

SHINE came to an end, so there aren't much events for me to rush recently.
I feel kinda bored actually.
(and reluctant to actually start work, but I need to.)

I am like reading Detective Conan recently.
Like chasing through the manga series, occasionally watching the case as anime.
Even the live action.

I changed the fonts of my blog. 
It's easier to read right?

I am quite bored, so please introduce some nice series for me to 

oh man, shall bake one day

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