Monday, August 20, 2012

GENTINGGGGG, escape route.

Graduation and am now very free, am also very broke since I am jobless, but...
and HOORAY, Nuffnang is having the Genting Evangelist programe!

sometimes I wonder how they take this kind of shots. Helicopter?

I haven't been to Genting since Secondary school.
The last time I was there, I went with my Secondary School for a Chinese Orchestra competition.
It was fun, going with my schoolmates, going around theme park and such.
Some of them even went for a movie.

and that was at least 7 years ago!
Genting has changed since then.

Reading posts from other bloggers tempt me even more, not to mention there are new stuffs there!
3 Days 2 Nights, just enough for a short getaway and go around Genting!!!

An itinerary that I shall plan.

Day 01.
Checking in to the Hotel, and before that...
I guess, nowadays most coaches and rides reaches Genting around afternoon, thus LUNCH.
There are so many choices at Genting, great thing that there are blogs to introduce nice and good food.

Perhaps, IMPERIAL RAMA, since most of the blogs I read talked about that!
It's a Thai-Chinese cuisine restaurant.

Just look at all this!! Mouth-watering!!!

credits to Miyake. 
credits to Miyake
credits to QIUQIU
Even though I don't take spicy food, but there are still so many choices that I can choose. 
Pineapple fried rice for example?
I am never a rice person, but give me fried rice, I WILL EAT.

and then ATTRACTION #01 that I want to go. 
I think it's new, I have never been there and I don't even know it EXIST ><

credits to

their truck is so cute.

The only Strawberry farm I have been to was in Taiwan, and I would love to go again and pluck my own strawberries too :)
PLUS, there is a Lavender farm there too. 
My parents went Hokkaido early this year and I was so jealous that they went to the lavender farm. 
I always love lavender smell, maybe perhaps I am a light sleeper and will drip the scented oil before I sleep. Which I am still doing even though I changed the scented oil flavor to something cater for my migraine.


credits to Miyake
I want to try the strawberry ice cream and mushroom tempura, and of course buy some strawberries back home!!! 

Hmm, maybe head back to the hotel to rest after the farm trip and go for dinner.
HAINAN KITCHEN will be nice for something simple, Chicken Rice.

Walking around the Hotel after dinner will be great for digestion.
The hotels are linked with shops and malls for us to walk.

There's even arcade centre, bowling alleys, massage parlors.
If it's affordable I would go, always in need of massages.
Since, I haven't been there for so long, walking around might refresh childhood memories, and see new stuffs added and then a good night sleep for the next day!!!

or.... maybe visit the CASINO since I am pass 21 last year!!!

DAY 02

Buffet breakfast at COFFEE TERRANCE will be great.
Even though bloggers that I read went there for dinner but I guess breakfast will be alright as it's a mixtures of local food with western and continental. 

Plus, Brad (ladyironchef) said it's nice, so obviously it would be, plus worth the money and affordable.

photo credits to Thiang

Shop around after breakfast and would love to go RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT!
It's not a big deal or what but I have never been there and always wanted to go.
Just let me go in and see what it's all about! I believe it's interesting!!!

and and..... the most exciting part!!! THE OUTDOOR THEME PARK!!!!
I AM a theme park girl and I am sure there are even better rides now.
AND hooray, August isn't a school holiday so no long queues *secretly happy*

Just look at how much fun Quinie had there! 
Photos below credited to Quinie!! 

I don't remember much about the theme park other than the ever-super-long-queue roller coaster ride.
It's still there, isn't it?

I suppose we can leave the theme park anytime we want and get some bites for lunch.
Like simple lunch will do.
DO NOT want to go around the theme park with a very filled tummy.
One of the Cafes?

Dinner will be great to be at Genting Palace
Looking at Ladyironchef's photos & blog post and you know it's awesome.
Just trust him about food.
Photos below credited to Ladyironchef

continue touring after dinner and visit the indoor theme park.
It's till 1am so there's lots of time.

The rides and attraction increase +
you can get a day pass for the theme parks, both outdoor and indoor, so it's really worth it.

I am also glad that my favourite ride is still there.

photos below credited to Sophie

I remember sitting this ride numerous time, going on and on, continuously since there wasn't any queue + it's fun, really.

Need to play this.

There are lots of stores selling finger food there so if tonton went, he will be happy since food will be all around him.

Guess Day 2 will be a long and tiring but exciting and fun day.

DAY 03

breakfast? lunch? BRUNCH! The Bakery will be great for some light breakfast and I can even buy some to eat on the way home.

credits to miyake 

and home sweet home!!!

Isn't it wonderful if all this will come true.
I do indeed need a getaway before I settle down for a permanent long term job.

Oh, since Mid-Autumn is coming, Genting Malaysia are having promotions too.
So...yes! MOONCAKES. I do need to bring some home.

Do visit Genting's site if you are keen on having a trip there.
Details and rates can be found there too :)

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