Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lens cap pouch

People with SLRs always have this problem about losing or misplacing their lens caps, at least I do.
I did see friends losing their lens caps too.
It's like you do not know where to put or can't remember where you kept it.

So while I was browsing online I saw this solution to it!!

I didn't follow exactly the same and used my own "pattern"
It was fun hand sewing, measuring dimensions and such.

So here it is!
I got the cloth from Daiso at $2 and buttons from Spotlight

And maybe perhaps I should try knitting it and when it's successful I can start commissioning or sell it!
Earn some allowance or sort.


  1. Thanks for the sharing!
    I always put lens cap in my pocket, but just in case one day I wear something without pocket!

    1. Thank you for reading too!
      I tends to just throw in my bag even though I might have a pocket. >< it's cute too as an accessories!
      Go google it and you can actually find the pattern to follow!