Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's all about CHEESE

It all started when I was hungry one night, so I surfed around the net and found this super simple recipe.
It's simple and easy, all you need is CHEESE.

As a cheese lover, this recipe is great for a midnight snack.

Here I present you, CHEESE CRACKERS


any kind of cheese, mozzarella, cheddar etc. you can even use the packed sliced cheese for sandwichesrecommend to get the shredded ones 
It adds a flavor to the cheese crackers. Try lemon pepper, salt & pepper, cinnamon or anything that you would like to add.

Items Needed 

Baking Paper 
only baking paper works, as for the others, the cheese will stick to it and don't even think of "oh I can put oil/butter" because there is oil in the cheese


pre-heat oven at 170°C
place cheese over baking paper
bake at 170°C for 7-10 minutes or when it turned golden brown
served when cool

I got my baking sheets from Daiso.
It's cheap and good enough, for just $2
Look for them under the food section where all the baking and cooking products are.

Used Shredded Cheddar and Lemon Pepper for seasoning, both from NTUC.
I didn't buy the seasoning on purpose, it's something that my house already has.
It's like the ingredients can be found easily at home.

It's alright not to put any seasoning to the cheese, but it brings a different taste to it.
Trust me, it's even better, but that if you didn't put weird flavorings.

Placed the cheese and sprinkled some of the lemon pepper on the baking paper.
Yes, ONLY baking paper. 
I tried aluminium foil, and the cheese ended up sticking to the foil instead.
No butter and oil too as cheese consist of oil.
With baking paper, the cheese will nicely slide off after baking and cooling.

The cheese melts and baked fast, so I encourage you to remain there and look after it, you might never know whether it will over-baked.

It will look something like this after it's baked.
You can let it stay a little longer if you want it even more crunchier, but never let it burn.

See the oil there, it's all from the cheese.

It goes well with a cup of tea like Earl Grey too, maybe your new afternoon tea and snack.

Have fun baking!!! 


  1. looks delicious! so gonna try this. thanks for the recipe! ^^

    1. it is!! and addictive :) just remember to monitor it and use only baking paper!!! :) have fun!