Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[ended] Nail Polishes Rings giveaway!!!!!


I am finally blogging for my rings giveaway!!!! 
I have been saying it since a week or so ago, but I am finally getting down to put the post up!!! 

Endure the post and the giveaway will be below!

This pair of shoe is irrelevant but just wanna to put it up.
Recently bought this pair at chinatown for $18. 
I think I could have gotten it at a cheaper price but oh well. 

I liked it but the eyelets are cutting me real badly, so before I think of how to solve the problem it's going to be just sitting at one corner.

I have been making lots of rings recently, mainly for my friends and just to de-stress.
Even met up with Krystal from for a Starbucks date and we did the rings there.

It was really nice to just meet up and crafts together, though the nail polishes were really heavy, haha.

The above scrabbles tiles rings are made to giveaway for my friends and not included in this giveaway!

Here are some of the swatches that we did and plus those I have already done.

Friends were telling me that I should sell them online with all my other handmade crafts. 
So, I kinda just play around with the nail polishes I have, trying to mix and match to get nice results so I can nicely put them online and sell.

I had created a page on Facebook for it but have yet to start organizing and create the page properly so it's not up for the public yet.
But here's the name
It's quite a weird name isn't it. 
I got it from Cookie Crumbs, since cookie is my nick name, and Cookie Crumbs goes quite well, but somehow I shorten it to just Crumbs and give it an alternative of Krumbs instead.

It just don't make sense at all.

I am still trying to play with more choices and get nicer nail polishes to make more of them.
I really need to get the page up so I can start earning some allowance to fill the hole in my bank >< 

Alright, so here's the give away.

Simply just leave a comment in this post,
with your

NAME and 
(so I can contact you) AND
Why do you want the nail polish ring?

It's not that hard is it?  
5 lucky winners will be chosen
and the rings will be given out in random swatches!!!

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON 23rd May 2012. 11.59pm

I will be choosing the winners with a number generator but interesting comments will get priority ~

(Only valid for residents in Singapore, sorry for the inconvenience)


  1. yuchi (i think u have my email already right lol)

    Hello Huijinn! ahhh I want the glitter nail polish one! So pretty!! <3 Nice work making them! ^^

  2. Kyla Shynn Lim

    I want to win the ring because i love the rings you made!!! I especially love the galaxy looking one because its the in thing now! And i love wearing rings!!!! I hope i win the navy blue glittery one!on top centre!!!! <3

  3. Saralyn
    Krumbs sound so cute! Love the rings, so pretty! Hope to win them :)

  4. Shanice

    So pretty! I could love to wear the Krumbs ! Hope to win them ! :)

  5. Jason

    Nice present for my nail fanatic sister.

  6. wow this is so cool! i like green, pretty pretty please? [: this will be my first ring if i win it! d:

    tanya, tanya.lai@yahoo, [:

  7. Lovely give away and may the best receive them.

  8. You're welcome, Cookie:D
    We can have another session soon, my classmate wanted to join too!

    It is really interesting to think about how these materials produced wonders with the colours and being a really nice accessory on our fingers!


    1. yes we should!! I am mostly free on monday and tuesday!

    2. Will jio you out soon! :D
      After I'm settled with my temp job!

    3. I will wait for youuuuuu... funny how we are commenting here instead of msging each ohter! fancy some ice cream one day?

    4. Thank you! :D I want ice-crrrreeeeaaaaammmmmm, especially in such a crazy humid weather! Shall text you!

  9. Kurumi Sato

    It look super AWESOME on my hands!!

  10. These nail polishes rings are so unique. I cant see an identical one. Why? Because it is Uniquely KRUMBS :D

  11. Justine (Soon Fang)

    Awesomely created! It looks like mini unique pebbles! I WANT!
    Can we choose colours? hahahs.

  12. Yap wing wing , , I want cause it's free? HAHA. i cannot think of any interesting comment, BUT CHOOSE MEEEEEEEEEEEe.

  13. lucify gazette

    omg i juz saw tis..i luv the name krumbs~cos i <3 cookies~*om nom nom nom*
    the rings r so unique!!
    hopefully can get the top middle dark blue ring~
    mayb u can make blackXred de ring..><