Thursday, May 17, 2012

HELLO KITTY is back =^.^=

To all the HELLO KITTY and merchandise fans out there, 

McDonald's is back with HELLO KITTY PLUSHIES!

After 12 long years from the hype of Hello Kitty, in a partnership with Sanrio,
McDonald's brings you the 

logo from McDonald's and Sanrio respectively
Thanks to and McDonald's 15 of us got to get our hands on the Kittys first.
Were invited for the plushies launch and smoothies try out!

To be honest, I am not a crazy Hello Kitty fan but I did make my parents queue up for me for the Hello Kitty plushies 12 years ago.
(I was only 10 years old!)
On a side note, it was so saddening when my mum decided to give all of them to the maid so she could bring in back to Indonesia ><

Most of the girls there that day were real fans of Hello Kitty and they have like bags, iPhone covers etc of Hello Kitty!

Now, this isn't a collection for just the Hello Kitty lovers out there but also for the McDonald's merchandise/toys collectors too.
It's a series of 4 different Hello Kitty characters, dressed up in McDonaldland characters!

Do you remember them?

kitty with the new smoothies!

Starting tomorrow 17 May 2012, Thursday the McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush Toys will be available at McDonald's stores in Singapore!

Hamburglar Hello Kitty (17 May to 23 May)
Grimace Hello Kitty (24 May to 30 May)
Birdie Hello Kitty (31 May to 6 June)
Ronald Hello Kitty (7 June to 13 June)

while stock lasts

With every purchase of an Extra Value Meal (EVM), customers are entitled to purchase ONE McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush Toy at $3.60 each!

Fret not for those who just want the Hello Kitty plush toys, you can also purchase it separately without the meal at $9.00 each!

Hello Kitty might be cute, but people out there!! 
Please don't queue up early in the morning alright!

The entire collection of McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush Toys.
Aren't they just loveable.

Was really glad to attend the event, McDonald's was really nice to provide us with dinner and they just couldn't stop asking whether we need more servings!

Here's Hamburgler Hello Kitty with McNuggets and Mango Pineapple smoothies.
Hamburgler is my favourite one among them all and I can't wait to get one of it!

with the most awkward smile ever!

They were very nice to give us each a goodie bag with a McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush Toys and a pair of Hello Kitty spectacles!

Just couldn't stop myself from camwhoring with the spectacles and Hello Kitty!

I didn't get Ronald Hello Kitty at first, did a swatch with another blogger as she wanted Birdie Hello Kitty.
Was really glad too, cause Ronald Hello Kitty is real cute too!

Hamburgler still my favourite though~

Here's a group photo of us there with the kitty specs and McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush toys!

Once again thanks and McDonald's for the opportunity to get my hands on them first!
Can't wait to collect them all!

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  1. hi. may i know whether u have any extra birdie kitty . i really need one of it.