Friday, May 11, 2012

Meal @ Kith

A few weeks ago Cally and Edmund brought me to where Edna was working.
Edna is one of our friend who is such a great cook and is working at this cafe called Kith.

Actually I do not know what to categorise the place, but let's just call it the cafe.
Since it's mainly relaxing over a cup of tea or coffee.

their name card with cally's nicely painted finger

Above is their address and details.
Do not ask me how to go there, cause we took a cab from Tiong Bahru. 
It's not that far from Tiong so cab fare wasn't too expensive.

You are seeing this photo again, this is what I wore that day.
Got the dress from  and the bag belongs to my mum :X

Part of the reason we went to Kith cause it's their birthday!


and because it's their birthday, there's free flow mini Asahi!!!!! 


One of my favourite beer? Though I am very much influence by them to like Erdinger now! 

This is cally thinking of what to order.

Here's their menu, chalk on board.

and this is what I got!
Hotdog - smoked bratwurst, bacon, poached egg, cheddar, caramelised onion, mustard. $10

Big Breakfast - bacon, smoked bratwurst, scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, toast $14

tuna sandwich -coleslaw, cheddar, tomato, capers, multigrain $8

earl grey lavender + orange $4.80
I seriously can't remember what cally ordered for her drink but I swear it taste awesome too.

The food there are awesome! Especially the bacons and the sausages. omfg
We couldn't have enough thus we got extra servings of just the bacons n such to munch on.

Here some photos spamming

cally and edmund 

Edna and Cally
Edmund's friend, yann and ......

See the badge on the bottom right?
It's part of the birthday thing, and I pinned it to my skates haha

I just can't explain how I love to skate.

We went to skate after that and here is the photo AGAIN


Here's a Danbo to end the post.

yes, cally brought this little guy to the rink haha


  1. Lovely food and the plating is wonderful. Hope when I come to JB, I can check out the food here.