Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers @ GV Jurong Point

GV Jurong Point finally reopens after the constructions!
Though it's a few months but it's a long wait for me.

Thanks to OMY and GV JP, some of the bloggers were invited to experience the new furbished cinema and watch MARVEL's THE AVENGERS!!!

I have been waiting for both the movie and cinema for so long!

On a side note, if you are wondering why I am so excited about GV Jurong Point, it's all because I live just directly opposite Jurong Point, and GV Jurong Point is my frequent cinema.

with Rachel and Claire, both whom I know from Nuffnang's 5th Birthday bash.

credits to Shanice
and with Rachel and Shanice (okay, I know her as yiting)
Knew Yiting from YOG and was real happy to attend an event with her :)

Practically took photos here and there before entering the cinema.

with the Cornetto bears we won from Joey's giveaway! 
Photos credit to Shanice Koh,
I very much like her photos more than the ones I have in my camera.

Here's how the new GV Jurong Point look like!

The candy bar and ticketing booth layout still the same but they changed the counter and such.

The interior pathway is different now, the design wise but still very much similar as before. 
With posters along the entire pathway.

The theatre is the main point of the renovation, all the seats are changed and there are wider leg rooms!
People do not need to worry about squeezing in to get to their seats, or tall people finding their leg cramps up through the movie!

It's build as a stadium seating arrangement with clear sightlines, it's really better as people do not have think much about being blocked or blocking people.
The height of the chair is situated nicely that there will be no one blocking your view no matter how tall the person is!
It's really different from last time how you need to move and move to a proper position that you won't see part of the person head infront of you.

With all the movies recently being shown in digital format too, GV Jurong Point had all the screens changed to Digital Screens with better sound effects too!
7.1 Dolby sound with the Latest EAW Speakers!

I really do prefer the current speakers since it's not too loud with bad feedback, it's just nice even if you are sitting near them.

Thank gosh, the cinemas ain't that cold as before and so I can comfortably watch my movie in peace, and rather than worrying how cold am I and fidgeting around to keep myself warm.

The seats are better than before with more space so people can sit more comfortably in them, and perhaps because I was in the last row of the movie, will prefer them to be not so up right.

Overall I really do like the experience of the new GV Jurong Point, and now I can finally and happily, watch all my movies since it's just across my house!!! :)

Auntie Lucy was invited for the opening and all of the bloggers took a photo with her.

The Avengers was great, like seriously, totally worth the money.
The effects were ever cool as before, and even before, especially those with ironman.
There wasn't any point of time I wanted to take my phone out and wiki the movie which I normally did, too engross with the movie, especially Captain America and Thor.
Hulk was very much hilarious in the show.

Shall not spoil the movie, but I guess most people have rushed to watch it, and I do not mind watching it again, seriously.

Bought the Avengers combo to go along with the movie, and I really want to collect all 4 figurines. hahha

with my Avengers collectible cap with Captain America topper
Think I am really do like Marvel stuffs lots, and I bought magnets of the characters from The Avengers too.

Here's my #OOTD, I don't really do #OOTD photos but I really like this piece I bought from

with the ring I made that goes along with my nails.
Made quite a number of them and gave away some to the bloggers I met during the event :)


In conjunction with GV Jurong Point reopening, May promotions (only at GV JP):

7 - 21 May
Description: Free regular coke with purchase of 1 x large popcorn
Mechanics: Purchase 1 x Large Popcorn and receive 1 x Regular coke free.

8 - 22 May
Description: $2 for 2 Cheesy Hotdog
Mechanics: Purchase 2 x Cheesy Hotdog at $2 only. Usual Price $4.

2 - 23 May
Description: Enjoy Student Price ALL DAY!
Mechanics: Present student ID to enjoy $7 Student Price all day
Description: $2 off Nachos Combo
Mechanics: Purchase Nachos Combo at $2 off.

Friday & Saturday
4 - 26 May
Description: Catch a weekend Late Night movie at GV Jurong Point and enjoy FREE parking!
Mechanics: Present min a pair of tickets purchased for a Friday or Saturday Late Night session at the Box Office and receive a parking comp pass.
While stocks last.

6 - 20 May
Description: Restaurant vouchers giveaway with tickets purchased to any session before 2pm! 
Mechanics: Receive restaurant vouchers with purchase of a pair of tickets to any Sunday sessions before 2pm.
While stocks last

Once again, thanks and GV Jurong Point for the movie :)

Informations, details and photos taken from

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