Friday, May 18, 2012

McDonald's bring you new smoothies!

If you have noticed, McDonald's recently released 2 new smoothies to their beverage menu!

Made with real fruit and yoghurt,
Mcdonald's offers you their freshly blended new 

photo from McDonald's

Had a chance to try the smoothies during the Hello Kitty plush toys launch event.

Had a serving of the Mango Pineapple smoothies, and I swear I could really feel both the mango and pineapple down my throat!!!!

Kitties with the smoothies!

Had a try on the Strawberry Banana smoothies too from one of the other blogger, and I taste the banana!
Don't call me suah ku but I have never ever tried any banana drink, and that mean FRESHLY made banana flavoured or banana juice?

I am actually lactose intolerant, so most of the time I have to stay away from the milkshakes and most smoothies, but I am glad that since it's made from real fruit and yoghurt 
and I can drink this without having any problem :)

I am a frequent fruit juice person so I really like this new beverage from McDonald's.
Plus, it's really suitable for the super sunny, humid and hot Singapore!
Just chill with the smoothies~

They are part of their PERMANENT beverage offerings so do not worry about not being able to have it again!

Shall just change my drink to the smoothies next time when I order my EVM!
They can be my next favourite after McDonald's Ice Lemon Tea!

Available at all McDonald's Restaurant,
the Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Banana smoothies are at

$3.45 (12oz) and $3.95 (16oz)

So, do get your try of them at the nearest McDonald's stores~