Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Craziness


I haven't really been blogging much this few days, and am wondering what I am busy with all about.

April is over and that meant school is almost half way through and I am suppose to be panicking much here.
I have yet to really think what I am going to put in my portfolio/demo reel.
The heart for school work isn't there at all, am very reluctant to go school actually.
It makes it worse when I only need to go school 3 times a week, which make the motivation to drop even more as the days I spend at home were rotted off.

Anyway, here's what I have been doing, school work wise.

Incase you do not know, I am an Animation student specializing in 3D modeling.
People often ask me why I DO NOT want to just work after poly or why I didn't continue with visual effects.
Yes, I do like visual effects but no, I do not want to have the same certificate again.
Plus, I really do hate particles effects and scripting. I only like the motion graphics and compositing side actually.
Somehow, 3D modeling caught my attention after concept art, I do know that I can't really draw that well and will hate drawing if I am forced to do it, and that meant homework. I really do prefer just scribble and doodles when I want to.
I got a love and hate relationship with Maya, like seriously.
All because of the excess usage of the mouse doing modeling work, my wrist got injured and I had to go for acupuncture. Not that I am complaining or what, but more like PEOPLE  PLEASE DON'T DO WHAT I DID.
Yet it seems funny I have never got that injury before with access games, dramas and such.
Or maybe because it was an old injury, the area, so prone to getting injuries easily.
I am just prone to getting injuries everywhere, especially the poor legs of mine.

This is one of my 3D modeling school work, am still making edits and texturing it.
To be honest, I totally don't have any motivation to continue this piece of work but positive comments to make me wants to continue on.
IF this wasn't school work, I will most likely scrap this project and threw it aside or something.

This is just a print screen of the body of the character I am doing.
Avatar : The Last Airbender - Zuko, the fire lord.

The head just don't look like him at all, so mehs.

Parents went to Hokkaido and I was left alone at home, that week can be counted as some sort of craziness since I do not have curfew and such, just was very, very broke.
They brought me back stuffs so am really happy, like my uniqlo tees, for example.

Practically spending days with the TIKO CREW people. It's like a new clique of friends to me, am still hanging out with the other cliques too la.

Le Tonton bought me my Tony Tony Chopper UT so I am loving it.

I got quite a few posts to blog but let me just rest for the moment.

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