Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Le Tiko Crew

As I have been saying, I am hanging out with the Tiko Crew, A LOT.

Events not in order, actually.

Late night supper at Clementi, talking about football and random stuffs.
Not that I understood football, but my main purpose there is to eat.

We had steamboat at my house.

We went crazy, just mere 10 of us we ate at least 7 packets of pork, 1 packet of chicken and 1 big packet of fish, not forgetting the 20 prawns and all other vegetables and food.

and because parents were off to Hokkaido, cleaning up was a chore to me, I was seriously exhausted, and still had to wash the clothes.
I totally didn't expect the clothes will take like 2 hours, and so I went to sleep at 3am while it's still washing and woke up at 7am to hang the clothes and go back to bed again.

We celebrated birthdays too, both with cakes from humble beginnings.
Cally's birthday.

went crazy that night, cause we went KTV and I practically just couldn't stop singing.

and Vicki's birthday.

and this was the box of present we (tonton, jake and I) gave Vicki.
She love green a lot so we decided to fill the box with food and drinks with green packaging.
Yes, milo was included.

That same night we went to Jake's house for some VODKA GUMMY BEARS and some chicken wings plus My Date With a Vampire, which resulted to me getting hooked to the series again and cannot stop watching.
ps. I am currently on Season 3 Episode 14.

There are always beer, food and skating along with the crew.

and yes, I love chicken wings.

Life wasn't the same anymore when this group of people appeared in my life.
It had been noisier, craziness and happier.
There was not a time I am bored with them around me and am glad that tonton blended in well with the guys too.

Since I am the youngest and the only one still studying full time, all the others really treat and dote on me like a younger sister and I really appreciated that a lot.

There is always beer, beer , food and more food, and of cause happiness and laughters around with them.

Thank you Cally, Joanne, Vicki, Yinkwan, Jake, Jimmy, Alvin, Edmund for being part of my life.

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