Friday, April 27, 2012

[ad] POSB 2+2

Recently been seeing the hashtag of #WhyCommit out there?

This is actually a commercial video out there for POSB Home Loan 2+2

With the economy and such out there, I guess everyone needs their loans, be in for school, work, housing or cars, or even for the FAMILY.

"POSB Home Loan 2+2 is the first home loan to let you enjoy an affordable fixed rate for 2 years. Thereafter, you can choose the same fixed rate for another 2 years!"

A groundbreaking & first in the market for product of its kind
Instead of the usual lock-in of interest rates right at the start of the term, POSB gives customers the option
to secure a 2-year fixed rate of 1.38% p.a and an option to extend it further for another 2 years or to go on
with the prevailing floating rate (market rate) without a penalty.

Here's our POSB Home Loan 2+2 will benefit you

Scenario 1: Rising rate environment

Scenario 2: Falling rate environment

The loan is perfect for people who are :
  • Are worried about rising interest rates
  • Likes stability and fixed rates
  • Do not want to be consigned to higher rates if market rate falls
  • Are looking for short term fixed rates
  • Foresee change in household needs in the next couple of years
  • Are looking for the most empowering rates in town

So why choose?
  • First 2 years : affordable fixed rate
  • Years 3 & 4 : choose to continue with same fixed rate or move to the floating rate
  • Protection against higher repayments due to rising interest rate
  • Our flexible commitment period allows you a win-win situation in any interest rate environment
  • Attractive rate for renovation loan

or check it out at their website @

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