Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Haven't been blogging for a while.
This few weeks had been real busy for me, somehow.

Volunteering at Skating Nationals, Skating at the new rink in JCube, Cally's birthday celebration,
meeting and knowing new friends, attending Pink Room's nail seminar.....
and just had steamboat at home with the crew people.

Not to mention that mum and dad left for Hokkaido yesterday (Monday) and now I am missing them much.
Whenever I heard the door opening I will think it is them but it's actually the neighbor next door instead.
Lots of chores to do, wash clothes, hang clothes, sweep floor, mop floor, water plants.
Whole new responsibility this week.

Here's a sneak picture from the nail seminar and I am going to go back to do my homework.
Need to do a least a little before I head to bed though I am real tired now.


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